Yunshui Tanxin tells you what color flooring is good fo…

Presumably, all of you know that the floor has a major impact on the overall beauty of the home. Especially if you have solid wood furniture at home, you need to consider whether the color of the floor and the color of the home solid wood furniture are properly matched. Today

Ten-year outlook: smart locks will cover nearly half of…

At the moment when various smart home products are emerging, the smart door locks have become the "first step in smart entry"! In Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea and other countries, the use of electronic smart locks have been quite common, especially in South Korea,

Deformation strengthening effect of MFT8 bolt

Abstract: According to the manufacturing process of deformation-strengthened non-quenched and tempered steel bolts, the deformation strengthening effects of MFT8 non-quenched and tempered steel raw materials, cold drawing and aging treatment were studied, and their deformation harden

"Yellow River Cyclone HUANGHE WHIRL WIND and Map&q…

Abstract On October 25, 2016, the Yellow River Cyclone Company received the “Trademark Bureau of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on October 24, 2016 for the identification of the â

Does not smell odor on behalf of furniture health?

In today, whether furniture is environmentally friendly has been determined by many consumers with no odor. In other words, many consumers think that their own furniture does not smell some irritating odors, which means that the furniture is environmentally friendly and healthy. Is

[real-time] expert reminds you to pay attention to the …

The degree of harm to smog is not the same for everyone. People in the population are particularly sensitive to smog, such as children, the elderly, chronic heart and lung disease, and low socioeconomic status (such as lower educational background or income level). ), diabetics and obese people. W

The use of organic glass glue and precautions

Fast adhesion and high strength, low toxicity and low odor plexiglass glues have always been the ideal adhesives for the plexiglass industry and are indispensable in a variety of plastics manufacturing processes. The product is mainly used in the bonding of plastics and plastics, plastics and glas