Soft film ceiling classification

Light mask The soft film has a strong light sensation and produces a mirror-like reflection. 2. Light transparent film The soft film is milky white and translucent. The light transmission effect can reach more than 75% in the enclosed space. It produces a uniform, soft and perfect, unique l

How the water heater works

A complete home multi-function water heater consists of 2 main parts: Manufacture the cold air part and heat the hot water part. But in fact, these two parts are closely related, inseparable, and must work at the same time. That is, while heating the hot water, the kitchen is cooled. Or heati

Analysis of the leakage of mechanical seal in centrifug…

Centrifugal pump mechanical seal leakage analysis of centrifugal pump mechanical seal leakage analysis, and a variety of leaks and may cause leakage of the site is described at the same time, the general common centrifugal pump mechanical seal in the maintenance problems that may arise briefly Des

LED light purchase guide

1. Purchase the LED lights promised by "Three Guarantees" and purchase the lamps with the CCC certification mark; 2, to see if the LED light product identification is complete, the formal product should be marked; 3. See if the LED light power cable has a CCC safety certification m

Wood Encyclopedia - Knowledge of Glulam

Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam) is one of the three main engineering materials in combination with wooden I-beams and veneer lumber. Glulam is also solid wood, sometimes referred to as finger joints, which can be painted with wood wax to prevent deformation. Glulam is a term used by domestic

Ground source heat pump

The ground source heat pump is a form of water source heat pump. It uses the water and ground energy (groundwater, soil or surface water) for cold and heat exchange as a source of heat and heat for the water source heat pump. In winter, the heat in the ground energy is taken. "Come out, s

Wood Encyclopedia - Elm's detailed introduction

Elm, also written as "椐木" or "椇木". Produced in the south of China, the north does not know this name, and the wood is called Nanxun. Although it is not luxurious wood, it is widely used in traditional furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, especially