Power lightning protection box installation and mainten…

The lightning protection box of the power supply can be used for the second-level lightning protection in the lightning strike area, and is used together with the arrester of the preceding stage (for example, AD). High-speed current drain, isolation device controlled by the thermal element, fault i

How to extend the life of the radiator?

Consumers who have used radiators know that the previous radiators are ugly and not resistant to corrosion, causing a lot of trouble for the users. Some consumers even cover the radiator with a cloth for the sake of beauty, which will affect the heating in the long run. The life of the piece.

Five health killers in the kitchen

Dinner time, food is served! I'm used to the kitchen pots and pans and sonatas and I'm used to the familiar scent of the kitchen. Has the kitchen been a part of the good life of every family member? Beware, in this love kitchen full of affection, there is also a "dangerous kil

Hot air circulation oven working principle and 6 major …

Hot air circulation oven 6 large structure The hot air circulation oven air circulation system adopts a fan circulation air supply mode, and the air circulation is uniform and efficient. The wind source is driven by a circulating air supply motor (using a non-contact switch) to drive the wind wh

How to create the perfect bathroom

The bathroom is the most private space. In a limited area, let the bathroom function fully meet the needs of daily life, you need to spend a lot of thoughts in the decoration. Wet and dry partitions, creative storage, hydropower design... These are all issues that must be considered in bathroo

Grasping the best time for chemical wheat weeding in wi…

The best time for chemical weeding in wheat fields should be from mid-November to early December, because at this stage wheat is the most resistant, weeds are also the most sensitive to herbicides, and the herbicidal effect is also the best. But what do you need to pay attenti

The second Sanma Exhibition super hard material company…

Abstract [China Superhard Materials News] On November 15th, the 2nd China (Zhengzhou) International Abrasives Grinding Exhibition was officially opened at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The audience was very popular and popular. Nearly 300 exhibitors from this e