Prevention of acetylene bottle explosion accidents for …

Acetylene is a very dangerous gas, but it is widely used in industry. Accidents may occur accidentally. The following is a summary of the knowledge of acetylene cylinders for everyone to learn.        First, acetylene gas        Acetylene (C2H2)

Is the sandalwood furniture toxic? How much do you know…

Sandalwood furniture has always been very popular with people, and the fragrance of sandalwood furniture has added a mysterious color to it. So some people will ask if sandalwood furniture is poisonous. The fragrance of sandalwood furniture is not harmful to the body. In the f

Why Chery Jaguar Land Rover Can Create All-Aluminum Bod…

[China Aluminum Network] The story begins in the late 19th century with the famous Stippke car, which started with the "aluminum carriage." Stippke, the world's largest manufacturer of marathons and four-wheel drive vehicles, used a 67 kilogram aluminum material to make a wagon a lig

Portable dry powder fire extinguisher main application

Portable dry powder fire extinguisher main application places Various warehouses, parking lots, large hotels, shopping malls, bars, cafes, cinemas, large commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, archives, apartment buildings, property management offices, convention centers, electronics markets, I

What are the styles of small cake shop decoration? 3 co…

In most cases, the decoration style of the small cake shop is to present the design style preferred by the owner. In fact, this design point of view is wrong. The decoration style of the small cake shop must be based on consumers, in line with the needs of the public, and cannot ignor

The essence of the pipeline valve

In the piping system, the valve is the control element, just like the human hand, so its importance is self-evident, both in life and in all walks of life. What are its functions? how to install? What does the common logo mean? How to repair if there is a malfunction

Classification of electronic fences

The electronic fence is currently the most advanced perimeter burglar alarm system, which consists of an electronic fence host and a front-end detection fence. The electronic fence main unit generates and receives high-voltage pulse signals, and can generate an alarm signal when the front-end detect