10 key points of the brand image of the home storefront brand

When consumers are visiting home stores, they are ignorant of the products they know and the markets they have never been to. As the terminal image of the brand, consumers can learn a lot of information from the internal and external environment, store display, shopping guide attitude and other details, and provide guidance for shopping consumption.

Exterior decoration

Self-contained style

Whether it is a hypermarket or a brand storefront, it can be seen from its traffic location, façade decoration and parking volume. If the traffic location is superior and accessible, then the popularity of this store will not be too low, and there will be more brands. The facade decoration does not care about the grandeur, but it is best to reflect the style of the store or the brand. The big logo, either the brand is low-key, or the investment is not much, and its interior decoration may not be too. In addition, you can also observe the traffic volume of the parking lot. If there is not much traffic, the popularity is not too strong, and consumers should judge whether it is suitable for entering the store.

Interior decoration

Embody strength

The interior decoration of the store reflects the strength of the store or brand, and also reflects the importance that managers place on the store. In addition, the store decoration style also reflects the brand positioning and target group. The comfortable interior decoration makes the consumer pleasing to the eye, but excessive decoration may also make consumers think that the store is positioned at the high end and “scares” the mass consumers. Therefore, the interior decoration of the store should conform to the brand positioning. If the decoration is too bad, it can be seen that the brand does not pay enough attention to the image of the storefront, and consumers must carefully consider it.

Store display


Store product display, including reasonable partition, lighting style, window design, etc., all reflect the concept of a brand. Buying a home product is to decorate the family. If the brand's own store is very flat, either the manufacturer is not prepared, or the brand's aesthetic design level is really poor, and the furniture it produces will not make people expect too much. .

Shopping guide level

Image endorsement

The shopping guide is the manager of the store and the image spokesperson of the brand. Any questions consumers have about the brand or the product are expected to be answered from the shopping guide. Therefore, the details of the customer's service attitude, professional level, and even the style of doing things determine whether the consumer pays the bill. In the same way, if the shopping guide attitude is not good, or the brand products are poorly understood, and the questions about the consumers cannot be answered, then it is recommended that you go to the next one.

Brand Positioning

Conform to consumption

Different brands have different positioning, and each consumer has a general expectation for the function and price of the purchased products. Therefore, in the brand store, consumers should first look at their store decoration, product design, price and other information to judge their brand positioning. Does it match your own consumption expectations? If the brand positioning is too high or too low, it should be rationally screened out to find a product that suits you.

product quality

Fine and reliable

When consumers listen to the introduction of the guide, don't forget to check the quality of the products and make their own judgments. For example, the plate and solid wood furniture should be treated in detail, and the soft furniture can be tested and immersed to experience the product quality. If the quality is not good, even if the store conditions are good, do not consider buying.


Put in place

Furniture and other products are bulk consumption, and they are often used for many years, so the after-sales service of goods is also considered by consumers. Whether it is a store or a brand, it generally promises to provide after-sales service. If you dare not make a promise, or promise not to implement it on paper, then the credibility of the brand will not be too high, and you need to be cautious when you consume.

Surrounding storefront

Temperament similar

The store is a sales platform, and the brand independent store does not exist alone. Look at the storefront next to it to have a preliminary understanding of the location of the store. If it is located in the store, the positioning and products of the adjacent storefronts are often similar. If it is an independent store, then the other storefronts around it, and even the surrounding home consumption circle, also determine the temperament of the store. Consumers can judge the positioning of their brands based on this and make comprehensive judgments.

Official website


The official website and brand profile are another face of a brand. Although it is not displayed in the storefront, if consumers want to know a brand, they may search the Internet to see its official introduction before entering the store. If the brand does not have a formal official website, then the brand may not have much influence; if its official website description does not match the store description, then consumers should be careful, either the manufacturer or the shopping guide is exaggerating or lying.

Other evaluation

Auxiliary judgment

After reading the brand's storefront, consumers don't have to place an order immediately, and they can gain a deeper understanding of the brand through other channels. For example, through the sales desk of the store to inquire about its sales, sales reputation, and consumers who have purchased their products, let others evaluate their brands and products to assist judgment. [ Follow the WeChat public number "Jiuzheng Furniture Network"; pay attention to courtesy, scan code to send millions of business opportunities! Jiuzheng Furniture Network Exchange Group ]

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