60 flat small apartment design skills 60 flat small apartment decoration notes

For a 60-square-foot house, if you want to satisfy both its aesthetics and your needs for use, it really takes more time and effort to decorate and design. The 60-square-meter house is completely adequate for newly-married couples or singles. If it is a family of three or more families, it is obviously not enough. What are the 60 flat design features? Today Xiao Bian came to share with you about the 60-level small apartment design skills and 60-level small apartment decoration notes related knowledge, together to understand it!

60 flat small apartment design skills

1. The space area should be divided clearly

Even small houses have to be divided in every space. If you don't want the entire room to look depressing, then we can set some space to be open and separate with some partitions. If the space is not clearly divided, it will make the room look messy and crowded. Therefore, no matter how small the house, the division of functional space must be clear. In this way, each space is complementary to interference, but the small space has great functions, giving people a sense of neatness, dexterity, and exquisiteness.

2, try to avoid using ceiling

Since the size of the house is relatively small, if we add ceilings to it, then the height of the house will be reduced, which will give us a sense of depression, and this will also affect the ventilation effect and air quality of the living room. Before the renovation, we can reconfirm how much the height of the lower storey is. If it is less than 2.5 meters, we should try not to do the ceiling. If the ceiling is also suitable for about 3 meters, but the ceiling pattern can not choose a strong sense of heavy, mainly light and simple.

3, lighting design should be sufficient

Since the space is not so large, we have to ensure that it has enough light for a 60-square-meter house so that it can give people a feeling of spaciousness and lightness. We can use some glass materials as much as possible during the renovation. This will not block the light, but also to ensure the transparency of the room.

4, make full use of space

If you want the house to become more practical, then we must make good use of all the space in the house, such as corners, corners, and the height of the wall. In fact, as long as we make good use of these places, we can also increase a lot of storage space and use of functional areas.

5, the choice of furniture

In the choice of furniture, we must avoid the choice of a large volume, you can choose some of the practical and small, so that placed in the living room will be more harmonious and beautiful. Or we can also choose multifunctional and practical furniture.

Xiao Bian's words: Although the area of ​​60 square meters is not very large, but if only the room is structured, then we are still relatively easy to arrange. We can use the height of the space, walls, and some corner space. The above is the small series and everyone to explain the 60 flat small apartment design skills and 60 flat small apartment decoration notes related knowledge, and hope to give you some reference! More related content, you can pay attention to Qijia information, follow-up will present more exciting content!

60 flat small apartment

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