Analysis of market prospect of automation products in wind power industry

China's new energy strategy began to focus on the development of wind power. With the expansion of the capacity of wind turbines, wind power equipment demands more and more automation products, such as response speed of automation product controllers, monitoring technology of SCADA system, communication speed of field bus, precise control of automation products such as servo motors. degree.

In addition, localization is an important trend in the wind power industry. If domestic automation companies want to take a place in the field of wind power, they must also strengthen and improve their level of automation technology before they can compete fiercely with foreign automation companies in the wind power industry.

Automation products are an important part of wind power equipment. The automation product market in the entire industry also has several hundred million yuan in space, and the rapid development of the wind power industry directly drives the market capacity of automation products in the industry.

Controller application status

PLC is widely used in the wind power industry for monitoring and measuring wind speed, and is often applied in hydraulic system control, generators, yaw and pitch. PLC's main suppliers are Siemens and ABB.

In addition, dedicated controllers in the wind power industry also have considerable market space. For example, hydraulic controllers are used to control the pitch or angle. For example, the Advantech UNO-2160 is used in wind power systems and can be used to detect the status of generators and to communicate with on-site PLC equipment and fieldbus equipment.

SCADA application status

In the wind power industry, the SCADA system is mainly responsible for environmental monitoring and control. The operating environment of the wind turbine is to be completed within the SCADA system to avoid external conditions, such as temperature changes. In addition, there are generators and distributed I/. O's monitoring. In the SCADA system, field bus and Ethernet are also used to communicate.

Emerson's SCADA system for process management has been used in the wind power industry. The foreign competition company's SCADA system is also used more often, in addition to Mita.

In addition, the largest wind power system integrator in China, Goldwind also developed its own SCADA system.

Frequency converter application status

The frequency converter is widely used in the drive system of the wind power industry. The two main application points are: connecting generators; applied to doubly-fed motors, and play the role of the same direction, the same frequency, and the same pressure.

At present, many brands of frequency converters used in this market include ABB and VACON. Due to the high technical threshold in this field, these foreign brands occupy a monopoly position in this key component market.

CNR Group Yongji Electric Motor Co., Ltd. has developed a 1.5 MW wind power inverter based on the variable frequency technology in the field of railway locomotives. Realize the breakthrough of local inverter manufacturers in this field.

Other automated product applications

Encoders in wind power can be used to measure and feed back signals such as blade and rotor angles, generator speed positions, and platform angles for wind power generation systems. Usually a wind power system is equipped with 5 encoders, and the price of each encoder ranges from a few thousand to tens of thousands. The sensors are mainly used for yaw, generator shafts and pitching. In addition, temperature sensors are also used, especially at hydraulic stations. The pitch system uses 3 servo motors. The main brands in this field include: LUST, KEB and SSB.

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