Analysis of suspended assembly floor pavement

First, the construction site requirements and processing: Ground requirements for the smooth concrete floor or asphalt ground and other smooth surface, 3m ruler measurement error can exceed ± 3mm. The site must be cleaned before paving.

Second, the installation steps of matt suspended floor:

1. Install with any corner of the site as a starting point
2, in the determination of the starting position in order from left to right, from top to bottom the floor 'pin' and 'buckle' aligned, and then hit the rubber hammer hammer fixed, so that the pin and buckle fully connected
3. Installation method for the edge of the site: Install the edge of the floor (note the placement direction of the floor and the floor, the floor is generally connected with the ears, ears, and ears) Use a rubber hammer to firmly connect the pin and buckle of the floor. Together
4, in accordance with the order of complete assembly of the floor of the entire venue. Note: When installing the floor buckles and pins to be aligned around to avoid damage to the floor of the pins and buckles, causing unnecessary losses.

Third, anti-7 fixed installation method;

1. Take the upper left corner of the venue as the base point, and use the upper left corner of the floor as the apex. After fixing it, then assemble the floor along the opposite direction of the 7 character. Each anti-word 7 is composed of 5 floors, and it is composed of 3 blocks in the horizontal direction and 3 blocks in the longitudinal direction.
2, in order from top to bottom from left to right with a rubber hammer percussion fixed each floor.
3. Installation methods and precautions for assembling the edge of the floor are the same as those for the previous one.
4, after the completion of the basketball court, badminton venue thumbnail

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