Application of Ankerui Power Monitoring System in Shandong Qilu Plasticizer

Introduce the Ankerui power monitoring system, using intelligent power meters to collect various electrical parameters of the 48 multi-function network power meters distributed in the substation. The system adopts the on-site local networking mode. After the network is connected, it is transmitted to the monitoring background through fieldbus communication. The power monitoring system realizes the real-time monitoring and management of the power distribution circuit of the substation.

Key words: substation; multi-function network power meter; power monitoring system;
0 Overview

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Shandong Qilu Plasticizer Co., Ltd. is located in Zibo City, Shandong Province. It was founded in 1989 with total assets of 800 million yuan. It has a production capacity of 400,000 tons of plasticizers and 70,000 tons of phthalic anhydride. The main products are phthalic anhydride. 810 ester, DOP, D**, DI**, DIDP, DINP and other varieties.
In June 2013, Ankerui Electric Co., Ltd. undertook the design and implementation of the power monitoring system for the new office building power distribution room of Shandong Qilu Plasticizer Co., Ltd. The power distribution system has 2 channels of 0.4kV power supply and 2 channels. Power compensation, 44 channels of 0.4kV power outlets.
1. Customer demand The instruments of the 48 voltage circuits on the site are distributed in the same substation. The power monitoring system requires centralized data management and analysis. The approximate functional requirements of the software are as follows:
1. Collect data from 48 loop low voltage instruments in a centralized manner and display them on a system diagram interface.
2. When the current of each loop exceeds the limit, the system notifies the management personnel through the sound and light alarm to eliminate the hidden danger of safe use of electricity in time.
3, real-time and historical analysis of the power consumption trend of each loop, easy to cut peaks and fill valleys, peak power supply and production.
4, can view the specific electricity consumption of a certain loop or several loops per day, and can be compared through the report.
According to the user's needs, it is necessary to set up the power distribution monitoring system (mainly real-time monitoring of data) through the field bus of the on-site sub-distribution station, set up the monitoring platform in the control center duty room, and monitor, count and analyze 48 loops in real time. To ensure safe, reliable and efficient use of electricity.
2. System structure description The system adopts layered and distributed structure for design, namely station management layer, network communication layer and field equipment layer. The project network diagram is as follows. 48 multi-function network power meter on site of low voltage loop via RS485 The fieldbus is connected to the serial port server and then transmitted to the site monitoring host via Ethernet to realize data collection, storage, processing, display and upload as shown in Figure (1):

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Figure (1) Network topology diagram of power monitoring system
The interval device layer is mainly: multi-function network power meter, corresponding to the corresponding primary equipment dispersedly installed in the electrical cabinet of the same power distribution room. These devices all adopt RS485 communication interface, realize on-site data collection through field MODBUS bus networking communication. .
The network communication layer is mainly: communication server, its main function is to collect the scattered devices in the field, and remotely transmit to the station control layer to complete the data interaction between the field layer and the station control layer.
Station control management: equipped with high-performance industrial computers, monitors, UPS power supplies, printers and other equipment. The monitoring system is installed on the computer to collect and display the running status of the field device and display it to the user in the form of human-computer interaction.
After the completion of the construction, the multi-function network power meter adopts RS485 interface and MODBUS-RTU communication protocol, RS485 adopts shielded line transmission, generally adopts two connections, the wiring is simple and convenient; the communication interface is half-duplex communication, that is, both sides of communication It can receive and send data but can only send or receive data at the same time. The maximum data transmission rate is 10Mbps.
The RS485 interface is a combination of balanced driver and differential receiver. It has enhanced noise immunity and allows up to 32 devices to be connected on the bus with a maximum transmission distance of 1.2km.
3. Main functions of power monitoring system
3.1 Data Acquisition and Processing
Data collection is the basis of power monitoring. Data acquisition is mainly completed by the underlying multi-function network instrument, realizing local real-time display of remote data. The signals that need to be collected include: three-phase voltage U, three-phase current I, frequency Hz, power P, power factor COSφ, electrical Epi, and remote device operating status.
The data processing mainly displays the electric parameters collected as required in real time and accurately to the user, and achieves the automation and intelligent requirements of the power monitoring, and simultaneously stores the collected data into the database for the user to inquire.
3.2 Historical events
The historical event viewing interface is mainly for users to view the fault records, signal records, operation records, and over-limit records that have been made to provide convenient and friendly human-computer interaction. Through the historical event viewing platform, you can easily locate you according to your own requirements and query conditions. The historical events to be viewed provide good software support for you to grasp the operation of the entire system.
3.3 Database Establishment and Query
It mainly completes remote measurement and remote signal timing collection, and establishes a database to generate reports on a regular basis for users to query and print.
3.4 Operating load curve
The load trend curve function is mainly responsible for timing the important loop current and power load parameters, and automatically generating the running load trend curve, which is convenient for the user to know the running load condition of the equipment in time. Click the corresponding button or menu item to complete the corresponding function switching; you can view the real-time trend curve or historical trend line; you can perform translation, zoom, range conversion and other operations on the selected curve to help users enter the line trend analysis and fault recall. Analysis of the health of the entire system provides intuitive and convenient software support.
3.5 Remote Report Query
The main function of the report management program is to design the report style according to the needs of the user, and filter the data processed in the system to generate the report data required by the user. The program can also use the timed save, print or summon save and print mode for the report file according to the user's needs. At the same time, the program also provides users with the function of generating report file management.
The report has the function of freely setting the query time to realize the energy statistics, data export and report printing of day, month and year.
4, case analysis

The monitoring system mainly realizes real-time monitoring, analysis and management of 48 loop distributions of Jinyu Energy Saving and Thermal Insulation Technology Company Substation. The monitoring scope is shown in Table 1 below:

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Table 1 Monitoring point distribution table

According to the modified circuit, the system can display the primary circuit operation status in real time. The function has the power telemetry to monitor the electrical parameters of the running equipment, including: line three-phase voltage, current, power, power factor, electric energy, frequency and other electrical parameters. See Figure (2), (3)

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Figure (2) 1# incoming line system diagram

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Figure (3) 2 # incoming line once system diagram

The system monitors the communication status of all points on the site, and the red and green colors respectively indicate that the instrument communication is abnormal and normal, which is convenient for the user to check the communication status of each monitoring point, as shown in Figure (4):

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Figure (4) Communication status diagram

The telemetry alarm function mainly completes the specific alarm position and audible alarm for the direct change and main transformer load over-ejecting alarm interface, and reminds the on-duty personnel to deal with it in time. The load limit is freely set under the corresponding authority. With historical query function, see Figure (5).

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Figure (5) Over limit alarm information

The power consumption report function can select the time period for query, support the electricity cumulative query for any time period, and have the functions of data export and report printing. Provide accurate and reliable energy reports for duty personnel. The loop name of the report is associated with the database, which is convenient for the user to modify the loop name. The user can directly print the report and export it to the EXCEL format as shown in Figure (6):

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Figure (6) Energy report

Parameter meter reading function, mainly the electrical parameters of all loops are entered into the line. Supports electrical parameter query at any time, with functions such as data export and report printing. The electrical parameters mainly include: three-phase voltage, three-phase current, active power, reactive power, frequency and active power. As shown in Figure 6.

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Figure (7) Parameter reading

The load trend curve interface can be used to visually check the load operation of the loop. View real-time and historical trend curves, click the corresponding button or menu item on the screen to complete the corresponding function switching; help users to enter the trend analysis and fault recall, with curve printing function. Provides intuitive and convenient software support for analyzing the health of the entire system, see Figure (8).

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Figure (8) Current trend curve

4 Conclusion 1) The system completed the on-site commissioning in August 2013, successfully passed the user acceptance and put into operation, the system is stable and reliable, and there has not been any fault so far, which has been well received by users.
2) The successful implementation of this project shows that the technical solution of this project is scientific, reasonable and feasible.
3) The system adopts centralized monitoring of distributed power distribution and achieves the expected effect. The power monitoring software operation interface meets the user's needs and effectively reduces the design and construction costs.

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