Application Research of Shibie Thread on Heavy Truck Drive Axle Housing

Application Research of Shibiya Thread in Heavy Truck Drive Axle Shell of Zhujiang University of Science and Technology Zhu Yanshun S Song Nianxiu Shuang Yuting 2 (1. School of Automotive and Transportation, Qingdao Technological University, Qingdao 266520; Qingte Industrial Park Technology Center, Qingdao 266109) The axle housing fatigue testing machine verified its anti-loose effect. The main work is the mechanical comparison of two threaded structures of Schmidt thread and standard thread and the verification test of the combination of Schmidt thread. The test results show that the Spruce thread fastener has a better anti-loosening effect.

The heavy-duty truck has a heavy load, the working environment is complicated and complicated, the road conditions are not good, the body vibration is abnormal, and the oil leakage of the axle is a common problem.

In the five years from 2006 to 2010, the leakage of oil in the heavy truck industry has become the top 10 failure phenomenon of consumers complaining. The oil leakage of the axle is one of the main reasons. For the problem of automobile oil leakage, a large number of enterprises have shown that the reasons include the poor flatness of the joint surface, the severe deformation of the axle shell after loading, the loose bolt connection, and the sealant coating fault. The loosening of the bolt connection is the main cause.

To this end, in view of the oil leakage problem of a company's heavy-duty drive axle, starting from the loosening of the bolts at the joint between the axle housing and the final reducer, the application analysis of the application of the Shibong thread on the heavy-duty drive axle housing is carried out, and the leakage is solved. Oil problem.

1 Shibong thread analysis There are many types of locknuts in modern industry. Among them, the anti-loose effect is better than the self-locking locknut. The company has conducted a lot of research on the problem of thread anti-loose. It proves that the core problem of loosening the nut is that the anti-loose effect of the common standard thread is not good. The structural shape of the thread must be improved, and the Splralck thread is finally developed. The main structural advantage of the squid thread is that the bottom of the thread groove has a 30 wedge face.

The force analysis of the Speight screw structure is shown.

After the thread is tightened, the F. component is larger and there is a possibility of enhancing the shear stress, while the wedge thread produces a larger radial pressure to make the joint more stable. It can be seen that the normal force generated by the wedge surface 60 from the axis is much larger than that of the ordinary thread of 30, and has a better anti-loosening effect.

The experimental research shows that the standard threaded fasteners, the nut 1 and the thread surface are subjected to 80% load, and the other rear teeth are sequentially decremented, even to the photo-elastic test and force of the Shibong nut under working conditions. Vector analysis shows that the beveled nut thread bottom 30 bevel can evenly distribute the nut locking force on each thread. The crest and internal thread wedge bevel of the external thread of the Squid thread are in line contact. This form of contact distributes the load evenly over the individual threads, resulting in a more solid coupling, reduced stress concentration under shock and shock, and improved fatigue resistance.

For the anti-loosening effect of the Schmidt thread, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Michigan tested three nuts on the unkers lateral vibration test rig: common standard nuts, all-metal effective torque type Nuts and Shibong nuts, see the experimental results.

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