Autumn dry matter dry wood furniture maintenance pay attention to more

In the autumn, the weather becomes dry. Many people feel that the skin loses moisture, but in fact, after entering the fall, not only does the body need to maintain hydration, but our family's solid wood furniture is also the same as our body, and needs “skin care”.

Recently, I visited several home plazas, among which the solid wood furniture counters can often see consumers who come to consult the autumn maintenance methods. Ms. Qiu, who bought solid wood furniture at home, said, “The solid wood furniture in the autumn house will have small cracks. I am very distressed. I didn’t ask for it when I bought the furniture. Now I will come to the counter to find out.”

On this issue, Xiao Bian also specially consulted the relevant staff to support the netizens in the maintenance of solid wood furniture.

Solid wood furniture needs regular waxing and maintenance. Under normal circumstances, only one wax can be used every quarter, so the furniture looks shiny and the surface does not vacuum, it is easier to clean.

After waxing, do not use oily detergent when cleaning solid wood furniture daily. “Because this will cause whitening on the surface of the furniture. If there is stain on the surface of the furniture, do not use alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents to remove it. The tea will gently remove the stains, wait until the water is volatilized, apply a little light wax to the original part, and then gently rub it several times to form a protective film.

In addition, wooden furniture is actually very delicate. In general, it should be protected as much as possible. It should be handled lightly. Especially when cleaning, avoid cleaning tools to touch the furniture. Do not let hard metal products or other sharp objects collide with the furniture to protect. There are no signs of hard scratches and hanging on the surface.

For solid wood furniture, maintenance is only an auxiliary work, it is best to choose those high-quality brand products at the beginning of the purchase, so that maintenance is also more labor-saving.

The following small series for you to recommend a few American imports of ash wood solid wood furniture, there are special sales in the near future, the offer can not be missed.

[Yamu Furniture] Yamu Lounge Chair (Pomelo Gold)

How to maintain solid wood furniture_雅木休闲椅

The material is American imported ash, the specification is 570*560*950mm,

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[雅木家具] Yamu combination cabinet in the cabinet (Pomelo Gold)

How to maintain solid wood furniture_雅木组合柜

The material is the top ebony wood in Africa, the specification is 1500*450*460mm

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[Yamu Furniture] Yamu Changji (Pomelo Gold)

How to maintain solid wood furniture_雅木长几

The material is imported from the United States, the specification is 1400*780*420mm

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