Before the concrete mixing building is switched on, it is necessary to check the project

Under the great development environment of domestic infrastructure construction. The use of concrete is increasing. Our new water work is the professional manufacturer of concrete mixing plant and the custom-built enterprise of domestic environmental protection station. Today, we summarize our own experience and the actual reflection of the problem of the user. What are the items that need to be inspected before each startup of the concrete mixing tower?
First: Before long-term shutdown, it is necessary to check the condition of wear and fixation of all steel wire ropes. It must be ensured that the steel wire rope is fixed and the wear is severe and should be replaced. Also check each bolt regardless of corrosion or looseness.
Second: Before use, observe the operation of the air compressor, check whether the air compressor self-protection device is reliable, and then check whether the air pressure is stable at about 0.7MPa. This is normal.
Third: Water, one of the main raw materials for the mixing plant, is the key to inspection. First check the water pump is filled with reference water, then the flush valve is closed, check again whether the pipeline is clean and smooth to ensure the production of stable water.
Fourth: Mechanical maintenance personnel or maintenance personnel should promptly check whether the cement weighing hopper discharge doors and mixer discharge doors are closed and flexible.
Fifth: Check whether each electrical device is safe and reliable. Check whether each trip switch is flexible and reliable, especially check whether the hopper lifting limit is reliable.
Sixth: Check the gap between the blade and the liner plate of the mixer to keep it in good condition. This is very important for extending the service life of the mixer.
Seventh: Check whether the lubrication points and gear boxes have enough lubricant.
As a professional concrete mixing plant manufacturer, we specifically advise that any inspections and repairs performed must be performed with all power switches cut off and ensured that they are not accidentally closed! Ensure the safety check of the equipment.

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