China's hardware industry is eternal

China's hardware industry is eternal

In recent years, the domestic hardware market has been showing rapid development. There are many well-known hardware companies in the country have begun to stand firm on the international market. As far as hardware is concerned, its indispensable role in furniture is enough to explain its importance in the home building materials industry. Faced with such a complex and changing domestic and foreign competition environment, furniture hardware needs to accelerate the pace to meet the challenges.

Over the past 20 years of reform and opening up, China’s hardware industry has developed rapidly and its influence abroad has increased. At the same time, domestic companies are not familiar with the international competition environment, do not understand the rules of foreign industries, have paid a price, face increasing numbers of competitors, and only innovation can compete with foreign countries.

"2013-2017 China hardware industry development prospects and investment forecast analysis report" mentioned: China's hardware technology level compared with similar foreign products there is still a certain gap, related companies should focus on how to carry out technological innovation, improve products The added value, but can no longer take the old way to win, vigorously develop the hardware tool industry, pay close attention to the development of new products, new processes, accelerate the development of China's hardware tool industry, improve economic efficiency and overall technical level. Innovation is the eternal theme of Chinese hardware.

At present, China's entire hardware tool industry leading role is not strong. There is no obvious advantage in the technology and industrial overall competitiveness of the hardware tool industry. In addition, most companies rely on OEM production, lack of visibility and core competitiveness. The fundamental reason is the lack of innovation, resulting in low added value of products, and placing low-quality and low-priced products in the market. Blindly pursuing quantitative expansion resulted in a surplus of the total amount, a surplus of low-grade products, a drop in prices, and a decline in profitability year by year.

Independent innovation is related to the company's own survival and development, and it is also an inexhaustible motive force for enterprises to create a brilliant future. Faced with the ever-changing needs of the future, all companies need to take precautions to better meet the challenges. All in all, to solve the industry's low-level redundant construction, low-quality product surplus and low-cost dumping vicious competition and other issues, we must rely on innovation, and only innovation can enable companies to truly embark on sustainable development. Enterprises should compare the products they produce with similar products of their international counterparts, compare the quality, style, variety, function, etc., identify gaps and carry out research so as to innovate targetedly to reduce risks and achieve effectiveness. .

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