Domestic mobile phone metal body manufacturing process is fully open

Abstract [China Superhard Materials Network News] On September 2, 2014, a famous domestic brand mobile phone held a press conference and announced a new generation of smart phones. This smart phone uses aluminum-magnesium alloy as the material of the fuselage, and the manufacturing process of its metal body is also well received by the industry...
[China Superhard Materials Network News] On September 2, 2014, a famous domestic brand mobile phone held a press conference and announced a new generation of smart phones. This smart phone uses aluminum-magnesium alloy as the material of the fuselage, and its metal body manufacturing process is also well received by the industry. China's super-hard materials network Xiaobian specially collected the processing and manufacturing process of this mobile phone metal body, so that readers of the abrasives industry can more clearly understand the general application of precision manufacturing processing technology in the domestic mobile phone industry.

The first process: CNC rough milling

At this point, the aluminum block enters the first CNC process, and the special drill from the Frank or Brother CNC machine will mill the part of the aluminum block that needs to be filled with plastic. The front and back sides have different tool paths due to different structural designs. The replacement of 21 tools in the entire process took 28 minutes and was accurate to 0.02 mm, which is the basis for the MX4 solid cover.

The second process: nanoforming

There is a slight release agent and protective oil on the surface of the rough-washed aluminum ingot, which needs to be degreased by the first cleaning with lye. It is then neutralized by an acid solution. After two steps, it is immersed in a special T liquid to form a nano-scale pit on the surface with a concave diameter of about 20–30 nm. The special T-liquid soaking process requires 8 potions and the entire process lasts up to 4 hours. In this way, the plastic and aluminum alloy materials can be nano-scaled to significantly increase the breaking strength of the cover.

The third process: injection molding

Not only the general decorative frame, but also the MX4's cover needs to bear the role of the fuselage keel. The integrated structural design is far superior to similar products that weld the frame and skeleton. Since the aluminum alloy is electrically conductive, it is necessary to fill the plastic to insulate the antenna. We use the most advanced Sumitomo injection molding machine in the market to inject the 280-degree high-temperature T-processing special PPS glue into the cover, which is perfectly combined with the aluminum alloy.

The fourth process: CNC finishing

The difficulty of processing the MX4 cover is that there are almost no straight faces and façades, but R-angles with curved faces and different sizes. This puts extremely high demands on CNC machines and tools. After the injection, the aluminum block passes through 8 CNC stations, and 70 different tools are replaced before and after. The entire CNC process takes 90 minutes. Since the bottom of the commonly used milling cutter is a sharp edge, it is not suitable for machining the curved surface. To this end, Meizu has customized up to 25 T-knifes, R-angle round knives and spherical knives. The efforts behind these are only perfect for the curved surface and better.

The fifth process: manual grinding and polishing

Only by hand grinding, the milling knives produced in the finishing process can be perfectly removed. We have chosen the world's finest grinding mills, and every worker involved in the MX4 face grinding has more than 5 years of manual sanding experience. First use the grinding wheel to grind the knives, then use the hemp wheel to remove the traces of the grinding wheel, and finally use the cloth wheel to polish the mirror effect, which perfectly solves the problem of the width and uniformity of the curved surface.

The sixth process: 16 guns 360 degree sandblasting

After nearly 9 months of experimentation, the ratio was continuously switched among 8 kinds of sands, and more than 40 different schemes were tried. Finally, the matching scheme suitable for the surface of 6061 T6 aluminum-magnesium alloy was selected. We use the industry's highest standards of sand blasting machines, and in order to ensure production capacity, almost all the same types of sand blasting machines in the entire Pearl River Delta region are called. 16 Spray the blasting gun 360 degrees without dead angle to the entire cover to ensure the touch when the curved surface is applied.

The seventh process: anodizing

The 8 dark grey scheme and the 10 golden schemes are replaced, only the MX4 is more unique in your hands. To ensure that the MX4 achieves the world's best anodizing process, we use 13 different anode syrups to soak the lid for up to 2 hours. All the preparation and replacement of the syrup are completed by computer operation. The whole process is not manually interfered, and the automatic assembly line ensures the uniformity of each MX4 color.

The eighth process: high light chamfer

The industry generally uses a 30,000 rpm or 50,000 rpm engraving machine to cut the chamfer. Only the iPhone uses a Cutting Machine of 80,000 rpm to make the chamfers brighter. We went one step further and used a 100,000 rpm precision engraving machine to mill a mirror-high gloss chamfer with uniform width and without CNC knives, followed by secondary oxidation (white is secondary electrophoresis) to form protection. Floor. In this way, let the chamfer shine like a diamond, far away from other products in the supermarket.

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