Exposure to the imported furniture industry almost formed an "unsupervised" situation

Is it 100% pure import, the whole foreign language environmental protection and quality inspection report is true or not, can the various after-sales services promised by the import brand be fulfilled one by one? After the "Da Vinci Home Event", the imported furniture industry experienced an unprecedented "questioned" and "reviewed". However, since then, the relevant departments of the state or industry have not made any entry barriers for imported furniture, nor have they proposed corresponding and mandatory “audit specifications”. Today, the imported furniture industry is almost in an "unsupervised" situation. In this regard, many international brand furniture enthusiasts expressed helplessness, there is no official supervision, how do consumers judge the credibility of foreign brands, and how to protect themselves when purchasing? "When you sell the product, you have to sell it." The non-professional agency method leads to the uneven import of furniture. Although the country, industry associations and stores have already conducted a round of "micro-examination" on domestic imported furniture in the past year, they are posing on the market. Pure imported brand, product shoddy, high price, and pre-sales commitment and with independent brands, manufacturing capabilities, and acting as the agent of German and Italian furniture brands, the president of the top 100 international home Chen Xiaotai bluntly, due to foreign factories or brands The actual situation, management ability and development direction are different. Therefore, the sales situation of imported furniture after entering the domestic market is very different. There are not many agents with professional home experience and taste, which directly leads to consumers not getting the most authentic and reliable information. Liu Chunjie, director of media relations for Meikemeijia, who also runs its own products and represents high-end American furniture, said that agents with only international trade experience and lack of design and product organization capabilities are often unable to “eat through” foreign products. Selling to whom is a problem they don't know. If a non-professional agent does not have a clear direction, it is naturally difficult to deliver the product to the consumer's home in the most appropriate way and at the price. "If you sell the product, you have to sell it, which one is good to sell," and there are many agents who hold this short-sighted idea. Today, buying lifestyles and culture is the result of hope. According to industry insiders, experienced and responsible national agents or exclusive agents in a city are usually not in a hurry to see sales, but want to let their foreign brands penetrate the hearts of the people; and some small dealers who are in troubled waters are counting on As soon as you buy and sell, you can get profits as soon as possible, and the sales methods are naturally under-regulated. It can be seen that the current imported furniture industry is in urgent need of supervision. Most imported furniture brands hope that third parties will standardize how the industry judges the credibility of foreign brands. Self-protection in purchasing is the most concerned thing for consumers; and how to clear the source, let consumers know that they are genuine and purchase products with confidence. It is the most troublesome thing for imported furniture brands. The phenomenon that the after-sales service is not uniform is still common.

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