Four contraindications for pesticide use and dilution methods for different formulations

There are many contraindications in the use of pesticides . Once the consequences are unimaginable, what are the contraindications for using pesticides? The following summarizes the four aspects that need to be paid attention to during the use of pesticides. I hope to help you.

1. Glyphosate is not mixed with paraquat: glyphosate cannot be mixed with paraquat. When applying, it is necessary to spray glyphosate for 2 days, and then the herbaceous roots absorb the glyphosate solution and then spray paraquat to achieve the quick-acting and thorough killing effect.

2. The use of pesticides cannot be single: single use is not conducive to the comprehensive control of multiple diseases. The use of scientific and rational pesticides can expand the scope of use or treat several harmful organisms, and even increase the efficacy and reduce the side effects of pesticides such as drug resistance and phytotoxicity, which is efficient, labor-saving and time-saving.

TIPS: King copper can be mixed with many fungicides and insecticides . Spraying 30% suspension agent 600 times solution and 70% thiophanate 800 times solution to control brown spot disease of vegetable bacterial leaf blight, anthracnose, bacterial angular spot disease, etc. The mixed "Garinong" is used to control tomato bacterial diseases and fungal diseases.

3. Spraying pesticides should not be mixed with foliar fertilizer: Once the foliar fertilizer containing metal ions encounters alkaline pesticides, antibiotics or pesticides, it will react and have different degrees of turbid precipitation and stratification. Once the mixture of the fertilizer and fertilizer is sprayed onto the crop, the lighter causes the medicament to fail. In severe cases, the vegetable growth point shrinks, or the symptoms of excessive hormones sometimes cause crop poisoning.

TIPS: Recommend a pesticide that acts as a foliar fertilizer: azoxystrobin fungicide ;

4. Prevention and control of root diseases can not be foliar spray: In order to solve the root disease, it is necessary to directly apply the agent to the affected part in order to receive good control effects.

TIPS: A method for controlling Phytophthora root rot - using 60% fluorine? Manganese zinc (gray) wettable powder 700 times solution or 30% carbaryl water agent 800 times solution, 3% moldy nail cream ( Guanglingling) water agent 600 times liquid watering control.

Method for diluting different pesticide formulations:

1. Granules: Granules and pesticides have low active ingredients, mostly above 5%, so granules can be diluted with homogenous fillers.

2, powder: general powder pesticides do not need to be diluted when applicable, but when the crop plants are tall and dense, in order to allow a limited amount of chemicals to be evenly sprayed on the surface of the crop, a certain amount of filler can be added for dilution.

3, liquid: according to the amount of dilution of the liquid and the strength of the drug, depending on the amount of liquid can be directly diluted. When more, take a two-step preparation method. First, dilute the pesticide into a mother liquor with a small amount of water, then pour the prepared mother liquor into the prepared clean water in proportion, and mix well.

4. Wettable powder: Usually, the two-step preparation method is adopted, that is, a small amount of water is first added to select a thicker "mother liquid", and then diluted with water to form a desired concentration.

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