Furniture quality information is not transparent enough, consumers are being fooled by rights

The exposure of the Da Vinci incident this year has placed the furniture industry in the spotlight, attracting increasing attention from consumers. Recently, reporters have received reports from the public that the buyers have problems, but they are difficult to defend their rights. Nowadays, testing has become a stumbling block for some merchants to seize consumer rights protection. Many consumers report that merchants often put consumers' rights protection into a dilemma on the grounds that they need to issue quality inspection reports. After all, it is not only costly to detect furniture, but also the furniture is scrapped after inspection. In the entanglement, some consumers have to give up. The reporter learned yesterday that since the beginning of this year, Guangzhou 12315 has an average of more than 100 complaints about furniture per month, some of which are for the case where the product does not deal with the quality problems of the products. There are many furniture markets in Guangzhou. Relevant experts suggest that the government can guide the furniture market to promote the merchants' first payment system, which in turn urges merchants to operate in good faith. Complaint: Buying furniture was frustrated and difficult to return. A few days ago, the reporter received many complaints from consumers, reflecting that the purchase of furniture suffered from flicker, but it was difficult to return. Aunt Tang, who is in her 60s this year, said that in June this year, she bought a set of sofas at a counter in a large furniture city on Kangwang Road and spent 3,900 yuan. At that time, the merchants were guaranteed to be genuine leather, and they lost 10 yuan. They also said that "the sales price cannot be invoiced." Who expected, Aunt Tang bought the sofa back and sat for about 3 hours, red itching around the thighs, skin allergies, spent more than 400 yuan treatment in the hospital. Soon after, Aunt Tang asked the merchant to request a return, but the merchant asked her to test that the sofa was not leather. "I don't know how to do it well. If you really want to go and test this road, you still have to work hard." Tang Ayi had no choice but to look for the industrial and commercial department. "I want justice, not money!" Another consumer, Mr. Ma, is more realistic. He bought a whole set of bedroom furniture, including beds, bedside tables, bookcases, etc., which cost more than 30,000 yuan, but these furniture have been Gives an unpleasant smell. In this regard, the merchant insisted that the quality is no problem, and asked Mr. Ma to issue an unqualified test report before it can be processed. After several twists and turns, Mr. Ma went to the city quality inspection center for formaldehyde testing, which cost more than 800 yuan. The results showed that the formaldehyde exceeded the standard by more than 2 times. With this test report, coupled with the coordination of industry and commerce, the other party finally agreed to refund 95%. According to the statistics obtained by the reporter from the 12315 Command Center of the Guangzhou Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce, in the first half of this year, the center received a total of 295 furniture consultations, 664 complaints, and 20 reports, accounting for 0.40% and 1.92 respectively. % and 0.27%. This means that the average monthly complaints exceeds 100; and the complaints mainly point to the problem that the merchant does not handle the product after the quality problem occurs, the merchant fails to deliver the goods on time, and the ordered furniture is not on the board. Visit: Furniture sales are not transparent. In fact, the quality pass rate of Guangzhou furniture products has not been high in recent years. Corresponding to the complaints from consumers, in April this year, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau conducted a random inspection of the quality of furniture products produced in Guangzhou, and a total of 43 batches of products were inspected. The qualified rate of physical quality inspection was only 55.8%, with 6 batches. The amount of formaldehyde released from the panel furniture exceeded 25%. The manufacturer used unqualified wood-based panels and inferior adhesives to reduce costs. There were 15 batches (62.5% of the total unqualified). Qualified, the manufacturer used a thin back plate to save material, causing the product to be unbalanced after the drawer was pulled out or the door was opened. The relevant person of the National Furniture Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Guangdong) Center also said that the average pass rate of furniture in Guangdong Province in recent years is 70%-80%.

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