Ground source heat pump

The ground source heat pump is a form of water source heat pump. It uses the water and ground energy (groundwater, soil or surface water) for cold and heat exchange as a source of heat and heat for the water source heat pump. In winter, the heat in the ground energy is taken. "Come out, supply indoor heating, at this time the ground can be a "heat source"; in the summer, the indoor heat is taken out and released into the groundwater, soil or surface water, at this time the ground can be a "cold source."

Ground source heat pump heating and air conditioning system is mainly divided into three parts: outdoor ground energy heat exchange system, water source heat pump unit and indoor heating and air conditioning end system. Among them, the water source heat pump has two main forms: water-water or water-air. The heat transfer between the three systems by water or air heat exchange medium, the heat exchange medium between the water source heat pump and the ground energy is water, and the heat exchange medium of the building heating and air conditioning terminal.

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