Hi Mengbao solid wood furniture is good

Children need a healthy environment for growth, so the choice of furniture is very important. Ximengbao is a well-known children's brand in China. Its products are made of solid wood. It is safe, stable and natural. It is often chosen by parents when they buy furniture for their children. Brand. Below, let's take a look at how Ximenbao solid wood furniture is .


Ximenbao solid wood furniture profile:

Friends who have had a certain understanding of Ximengbao family know that Ximengbao is affiliated to Xiamen Youkeju Brand Management Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1988. From the time of its establishment, it is Among the many domestic furniture brands in China, the brand has a long history. The 25-year furniture design and production process has made Ximengbao have unique furniture production methods and technologies.

There are many furniture brands on the market, and the direction of furniture production is different. Ximengbao’s furniture production and production direction is mainly aimed at young people and urban white-collar workers. Therefore, they are designing and Before the production of furniture products, a detailed investigation and understanding of these two types of consumer groups was carried out, and the series of furniture products produced belonged to the middle and high-end level. Therefore, it was widely welcomed and supported by many consumers.

There are many furniture series products produced by Ximengbao Furniture. Among them, the market share of solid wood furniture is considerable, and the quality has absolute guarantee. Their solid wood furniture is made of natural raw materials. In terms of material selection, its solid wood furniture is made of natural pine wood imported from abroad. Natural pine wood is excellent in quality, and the color is also very bright and bright, which is combined with humanized furniture design. The solid wood furniture produced has the original ecological charm.

Ximengbao's solid wood furniture products are well-known for many consumers. Among them, its solid wood furniture product series mainly includes two kinds, the first one is the Bobby series of children's series products, and the second is adult. The series of urban wooden songs, different series of furniture products have strong pertinence, and its style and style are also different, but the main styles tend to be simple and fashionable, not only that, Ximengbao furniture also With high quality assurance, Ximengbao's furniture, which flows in the market, has passed the certification of the world's stricter FSC forest. It has also passed the certification of pine furniture that few domestic furniture brands have passed.

Hi Mengbao solid wood furniture, okay?

Ximengbao has more than 20 years of solid wood furniture manufacturing history, with rich experience and advanced technology. The raw materials are taken from all over the world. The products are made of imported pine wood, which keeps the wood color, the texture is clear and beautiful, the color is bright and soft. The touch is warm and delicate, making people feel like being in the nature, comfortable and comfortable.

Ximengbao solid wood furniture is mainly made up of children's furniture, but it is not furniture that is not used by adults. It is just that children's furniture is more famous. Ximengbao has a full range of furniture, such as beds, sofas, coffee tables, tables, cabinets, etc. The styles are varied and there is plenty of room for choice. The quality of the products has passed the certification of the authority and is a trustworthy brand.

Because the price of pine itself is not very high, the price of Ximenbao solid wood furniture made of pine is not expensive, about 4,000 yuan, which is much cheaper than other solid wood furniture. And, Xi Meng Bao also opened an online store, saving a lot of intermediate fees, more cost-effective.

The above is the Ximengbao solid wood furniture introduced to you by Xiaobian. I hope everyone can like it. For more information, please stay tuned for the follow-up report of GO Jiaju.com.

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