How to choose indoor waterproof coating

Waterproof coatings are divided into four categories

Although there are many waterproof coatings on the market and on the Internet, such as 'two-component polymer waterproof coating' and 'one-component polyurethane waterproof coating'...the name is professional and there are many types, if divided according to the nature, There are only 4 types of indoor waterproof coating brand products currently on the market for sale. Their performance is different and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

★ After the hard mortar is brushed, it does not need to process the coating. It can be directly tiled and the construction is convenient. Mostly used for the back surface of the top surface

Hard mortar, also called rigid mortar: The ratio of emulsion to mortar is 1:4. After coating, it is not necessary to treat the coating. It can be directly tiled, which is more convenient. After solidification, it forms a cement block, which does not cause water seepage. Its back surface has good waterproof effect and is its biggest advantage. The disadvantage is that this kind of mortar has high hardness and is easy to crack with the deformation of the base layer, so it is generally used for waterproofing the back surface. Price: 200-300 yuan / barrel, a bucket of 18 kg, can brush 10-13 square meters.

★ Flexible mortar will not affect the waterproof effect even if the base layer is deformed and cracked. Mostly used for water surfaces such as walls and floors

Flexible mortar: The ratio of emulsion to mortar is 5:4, and it has elasticity. Even if the base layer deforms and cracks, it will not affect the waterproof effect. It is mostly used on the surface of water, such as wall surface and ground surface, but it cannot be used on the back surface of the top surface. If waterproof is not done well, there is water penetration and it is easy to make water seepage. Price: 300-500 yuan / barrel, a bucket of 18 kg. There is also a type of silicone-based waterproof coating in flexible mortar, which belongs to high-grade flexible mortar. The elastic tension and flexibility are good, but the price is 600 yuan/barrel, which is relatively expensive and very rare on the market.

★ Acrylic: pure liquid, open and cover. Water-based, can be melted in water, it is easy to combine with the gap in the ground to form a strong waterproof layer, waterproof effect is better than flexible mortar. After brushing, it is necessary to perform surface treatment such as pulling or sanding to increase the friction and make it easier to tiling. Due to its excellent waterproofing effect, flexible mortars and acrylates are more suitable for long-term flooding. Price: 300-500 yuan / barrel, a bucket of 18 kg.

★ One-component polyurethane: Both indoor and outdoor use, the brush is very thick, about 3 mm or so, and the elastic tension is more than 300%. It is very elastic. The cracking of any substrate will not make it crack. The waterproof effect is best. Although the safety performance control is among the environmental protection requirements, the odor of such a waterproof coating is relatively large, and it is difficult for most people to accept, and the environmental performance of a few brands is not up to the standard. Polyurethanes are colloidal and are very thick. The use of scrapers during construction is laborious and complicated. After brushing the paint, it is necessary to perform surface treatment, pull the hair or lift sand to increase the friction, and easy to tiling. Price: 500 yuan / barrel, a bucket of 18 kg.

The drying speed of these paints is affected by the climate, and the drying speed is slower in a cool climate, but the climate has no effect on the waterproof effect. In general, mortars have a drying cycle of 24 hours and acrylics and polyurethanes have a drying cycle of 24-48 hours.
'One-component', 'two-component' differences: mortars are two-component polymers, that is, by the emulsion and mortar ratio; acrylic and polyurethane without mortar ratio, is a single component.

Brush the base before painting

The application of waterproof paint has a lot to do with the ground conditions. The more uneven the base, the more paints are used. Therefore, before applying the waterproof coating, it is better to simply treat the base layer and flatten the base layer as much as possible. Second, we should ensure that the ground is dust-free, soilless, and oil-free. We can carefully mop the floor with mop cloth and remove all the dust. Otherwise, it will cause cracking and peeling of the waterproof coating, which will affect the waterproof effect.

Buy products focus on the nature

At present, there are various types of waterproof paints on the market, such as 'slurry' and 'gum paste'. Some water-repellent coatings are classified into type I and type II. Some people say that type II is more suitable for indoor use. As long as you know what kind of waterproof coating on the line, the name is not important; I and II type of this classification is only the definition of the individual business, the industry does not have an authoritative division and specific standards. When consumers purchase, the most important thing is to look at the nature of the waterproof coating, generally will be labeled 'universal' or 'flexible', and then look at the ratio of mortar and emulsion, such as 12kg+8.4L; the price is the brand An important reflection of product quality is that if two barrels of the same volume of paint, if the price difference is too large, consumers have to question the product performance.

There are branded products marked 'kitchen and toilet', but in fact this is just a gimmick. General indoor waterproof paint can be used for kitchen and toilet.

When consumers purchase waterproof coatings, it is best to go to the supermarket to purchase waterproof coatings. Because the brands in the building materials market are mixed, it is difficult to guarantee that the products they buy will be genuine.

Save money and worry, the construction team to buy building materials products have kickbacks, consumers are best to visit their own several times to buy waterproof paint building materials supermarkets, rather than the right to choose the decoration company or construction team.

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