How to choose the door closer and install the door closer?

Before the door closer is installed, the user should read the installation instructions and install and use it correctly according to the installation instructions.
During installation, it must be ensured that the mounting dimensions are correct and the screws must be fastened reliably. Each connection point is flexible and there is no friction with the door.
The main arm must be pre-pressed in accordance with the instructions to ensure effective closing and locking of the door. When the main arm is pre-pressed, the vertical plane of the connecting rod (door closed state) is appropriate.

Before choosing the door closer, you should consider: your door weight, door width, usage requirements and use environment.
Door weight and door width are the preconditions for selecting the type of door closer. Generally, the weight of the door is small and the model with small power is selected. This way, when the door is opened, it is very easy to feel. The door is also coordinated and beautiful. The next smallest product is generally more economical. vice versa.

Regardless of whether the frequency of opening the door is high or not, the door closer must satisfy:

A. It is a requirement that the closer of the door closer is better and does not leak oil. The key is the sealing technology and material.
B. It is required that the door closer has a long service life. In this way, long-term and normal use after installation can be ensured, and the cost and expense of repairs and updates can be reduced. At the same time, the convenience and enjoyment of the door closer products can also be felt.

Use requirements include:

1) Whether it is necessary to open the door after the automatic stop function;
2) Damping and buffering function: It can generate damping buffer quickly after opening the door to a certain position, and the damping force and range of the damping can be adjusted according to the use requirements; this function is used to prevent the door or lock from hitting the wall when the door is forced to open the door quickly, or when the emergency escapes. Prevents people from falling to the ground when they lose weight when they open the door quickly.
3) Time delay slow closing: The door starts to close slowly from the maximum position of the open door and can be adjusted steplessly according to the requirements. It is suitable for use in places that are accessible to ordinary people, especially hospitals, where there are gates and access for the elderly, children and disabled people.
4) The function of closing force can be adjusted: It can be used on doors with different door weights and door widths, and places with large door closing resistance due to environmental reasons. Arbitrary stepless adjustment can be used to obtain a satisfactory closing force, which is particularly useful in coastal cities, where vehicles and ships often change due to wind resistance and door closing resistance.
5) Use environment: fire prevention requirements (fire protection requirements), antifreeze requirements (places in the northern winter at minus 35 degrees).

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