How to install the hanging stainless steel bathroom cabinet?

There are many kinds of bathroom cabinets in the bathroom space. There are many types of materials in terms of materials. Because the bathroom space is damp, many consumers choose stainless steel bathroom cabinets when choosing bathroom cabinets. Excellent performance, and the appearance of the texture is also very good, decorative performance is excellent; stainless steel bathroom cabinets have hanging and floor type two categories, and hanging stainless steel bathroom cabinet how to install? Let's see how Xiaobian is doing it!

1. First check whether the wall is solid or not, and it cannot be installed on the hollow wall. Because the hollow wall has insufficient pulling force, it will rot if it is not used.

2. According to the selected hole position, punch the hole on the wall with the impact drill, insert the expansion pipe in the wall fitting into the hole, and then lock the main cabinet and the wall with self-tapping screws.

3. After the main cabinet is installed, put the basin into the basin and adjust it to level.

4. The installation method of the side cabinet and the shelf is the same as that of the main cabinet.

5, the makeup mirror installation: according to the makeup mirror back hole installation specifications hole in the wall, into the expansion tube, and then screw the expansion tube into the appropriate depth, hang the bath mirror.

6. Connect the water in and out, check the airtightness, and clean the site.

Hanging stainless steel bathroom cabinets need to consider the bearing capacity of the stressed wall during the installation process, and the quality of each step is very important, so it is recommended that the owner still find a professional bathroom cabinet installer to install it!

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Label: How to install a hanging stainless steel bathroom cabinet?

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