How to make house renovations

It is of great pleasure to have a house, but decoration is indeed a very troublesome thing. Not only need to spend a lot of money, energy, time, etc., but also in strict accordance with the steps to decoration, otherwise there will be many problems. How about this house decoration step ? Let's take a look at the whole process of rough room renovation.

House decoration steps , pre-design

First of all, we must determine the style of home improvement that we like, and then accurately measure the dimensions of the house. We must make clear the area of ​​all aspects involved in the renovation process, and finally do a good job in the renovation budget.

Step two of house decoration, main body demolition

Main body demolition reforms include wall removal, shoveling of wall coverings, demolition of heating, wall building, and replacement of plastic steel windows. It is necessary to build the basic framework of the site first, and also to ensure the cleanliness of the interior. Note that the load-bearing wall must not be moved.

House renovation steps three, hydropower reform

The hydropower design should do a good job in the division of space among various functions, the layout of flat furniture, and the layout of decorative ceilings with strong decorative features. Hydropower accounts for about 20% of the budget for decoration, and it is necessary to pay attention to its safety.

House renovation steps four, carpentry

The woodworker, bricklayer and oilworker who appeared on the field saw who was dirty. The woodworkers entered the market later in the construction of masonry. They should cooperate with the design drawings, like building a wooden workbench, and then setting up the skeleton of the dragon, and then doing the door and window, painting, acceptance, etc. jobs.

House renovation steps five, tiling

Door stone, marble window sill, floor drain, hood installation are all done at the same time with bricklayers (tiling).

House renovation steps six, brush wall paint

Oil workers are mainly responsible for the completion of the basic treatment of the wall, brushing the top coat, painting the furniture, etc., and the wallpaper should also be processed first.

House renovation steps seven, kitchen ceiling

In the construction process, take measures and install according to the construction drawings, and avoid damaging pre-embedded wire tubes in the wall.

House renovation steps eight, kitchen cabinet installation

After the ceiling is over, the cabinets can be installed. At the same time, the sink and the gas stove are installed. The property should be coordinated to pass the gas, and the gas should be tested after installation.

House renovation steps nine, wooden door installation

After the cabinet is installed, install the wooden door, and at the same time, prepare the hinges, door locks, and floor suctions, and install the window covers and gargles on the same day.

House renovation steps ten, floor installation

Before the floor is installed, it is necessary to level, and then clean the floor to ensure that the ground is dry and avoid water cleaning. The cutting of the floor must be in the corridor.

House renovation steps eleven, paving wallpaper

Before the wallpaper is pasted, there is nothing to be done on the wall. So you have to do a good job of eradicating the wall, brushing the base oil, scraping the putty, and covering the oil. After the wall is flat, you can cut out the wallpaper and paste the wallpaper. .

House Renovation Step XII, Radiator Installation

The wooden door-floor-wallpaper-radiator is, as a whole, such an installation sequence, so that the wall wallpaper can be installed to install the radiator.

House renovation steps thirteen, switch socket installation

Before the renovation, we must determine the number of switch sockets, location, etc., paste the wallpaper to the location of the switch socket hole marked for installation.

House renovation steps 14, lighting installation

The installation of lamps and lanterns mainly includes ordinary lamps, wall lamps, lanterns, pendant lamps, etc. It is necessary to adjust each lamp.

House renovation steps fifteenth, hardware sanitary installation

Will buy a good water pipe fittings, bathroom accessories, toilets, drying racks and so on one by one to install, these lamps, hardware, sanitary ware installed, home improvement on the basic shape.

House renovation steps 16, curtain rod installation

Positioning and scribing the area where the curtain box and curtain rod are installed, and then checking and handling the embedded parts, checking the processed products, and installing the curtain box, curtain rails, and curtain rods in turn.

House renovation steps 17, pioneer cleaning

When pioneering cleaning, the main task is to clean up the site and clean it according to the principles from the top down, and perform the necessary special cleaning on the key areas first.

House Renovation Step 18, Furniture Home Appliances, Home Accessories

After the pioneering cleaning, the furniture enters the market, then the appliance enters the market, and finally the home accessories link. This is the place where the home improvement design style is mainly displayed.

Editor's Note: The above is about the introduction of how to go through the steps of house renovation . In the renovation, the steps are very important and need to be done step by step, so as to save worry. It is hoped that these contents shared by Xiao Bian can help everyone. If you want to know more about decoration information, you can pay attention to our website.

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