How to use ethephon

Ethephon is a high-quality and high-efficiency plant growth regulator that promotes fruit ripening, stimulates wounds, and regulates gender conversion.

Ethephon is a ripening agent that can be used when the fruit is still not ripened or after bagging; the ethylene is diluted with water according to the instructions and sprayed on the surface of the fruit with a sprayer. The evaporation of ethylene gas is based on the ethylene to achieve ripening effect.

Ethephon is mainly applied by spraying, and can also be seeded and soaked. When used in cotton fields, it is sprayed for the first time when the base cotton is grown for more than 30 days, and then sprayed the second or third time with the continuous maturation of the upper cotton. However, the young peach is not easy to spray, and the concentration of the liquid is 50~80 mg/kg. Wheat is applied at the booting stage to the heading stage. The concentration of the liquid is 4000-6000 ml/kg, which can play the role of emasculation. Rice ripening is applied with 1000 mg/kg of liquid medicine, and it is applied from Qisui to filling stage. When the vegetables are ripened, the green tomato is sprayed with a solution of 1000 mg/kg, and it turns red after 2-4 days of spraying. When cucumber is used in 1 to 4 true leaves, spraying 1000 mg/kg of ethephon can reduce the number of female melons, increase the number of female flowers, and continuously open female flowers after 4 to 5 knots. Apples spray 200-500 mg/kg of ethephon 3 to 4 weeks before picking, which can be harvested early. It is also possible to pick up the grown green apples, store them together, and then spray them with ethephon to seal them. After a few days, they can reach the edible state. The open field pepper uses ethephon chemical reddening, which is a treatment for fully developing fruits to promote ripening discoloration with plant growth regulators. Chemical redness is generally carried out using 40% ethephon 1000 times solution. The plants are sprayed 10 to 15 days before harvesting. On the one hand, the leaves are prematurely degraded, and the nutrients in the leaves are transferred to the fruits early, and on the other hand, the fruits are prematurely discolored and matured.

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