Indoor wall decoration steps which are easy to get a few steps to get the wall decoration

A perfect living room is made up of many projects. Among them, the wall is an important part. If the wall is not well decorated, it will not only affect the overall environment of the living room, but also make the residents feel bad. How does the unadorned wall decorate? What are the interior wall decoration steps ?

Interior wall decoration steps

1, check the wall

No matter which process is started, we should develop the habit of first inspection. The cement wall is introduced here, and detailed inspection of the wall is required. To see if the cement is solid, smooth, whether the plaster layer is strong or there are gaps and voids, when the wall is inspected, it is necessary to use the horizontal line to test whether the wall surface is horizontal. If any problem is found, it is recommended to find the developer or property to reflect it and ask for it. It reinvented the reform.

2. Finished product protection

Many projects have been completed when this type of work was completed. In order not to bring troubles in the later stages, we should do a good job of protecting them. Because the dust, paint, or glue drips on the wall, the protection of finished products is very important. The simple method is: go to a convenience store to buy a plastic sheet of suitable size and wrap the finished product to be protected, but be careful to avoid the possibility of damage.

3, sealing layer processing

After the basic preparatory work has been done, we will first effectively treat the sealing surface, such as repair of cracks, grooving, and holes, and generally use gypsum. In addition, curing of the wall base must be carried out. Curing agents do, of course, may also require the use of a harder-applied patch (kraft paper) to solve the problem. Construction should pay attention to: 1, if the shovel shovel to the red brick, it is recommended to do cement plaster, cement plaster until the curing is good, dry after the wall sealing process. 2. The tank left by the hydropower reform will generally be filled with cement mortar first, but it is impossible to complete the formation. It is best to repair the repaired plaster product. 3 From an environmental point of view, it is advisable not to use plaster that requires glue. 4 In particular, it is emphasized that when self-adhesive kraft paper is used for repairing cracks, grooving, and holes, cracking treatment can be done without much effort, but the effect is obvious.

4, preparations before scraping putty

Must ensure that the wall table is strong, flat, for the rugged part we use the steel brush to deal with, concave place can be filled with cement, but to try to make the wall no floating soil, floating dust, and then in the appearance of roller over the concrete interface Agent, construction should be uniform, wait until it is dry after the wall putty painting work.

5, putty

Although the surface roughness of the wall surface has been dealt with before, but before the construction, you must measure the horizontality first, and use a detection rule of more than two meters. In this way, you can determine the method of putting the putty. Generally, the putty needs to be scraped twice. Can make the wall level, but also make the wall background uniform. If the flatness of the wall is poor, you can brush it several times. Note: The scraping time should be more than 2 hours (after surface drying).

6, brush primer

Followed by the paint on the bottom, but first polished, and then sweep away the appearance of dust, usually brushing it again, but to do evenly, after the dry it can be carried out the next step.

7, brush finish

Usually the paint can be brushed twice, but the gap time is more than 2-4h (preferably dry), the last time it takes 1-2 days to completely dry, before the paint is completely dry, it must be Pay attention to waterproofing, drought prevention, and sun protection to prevent problems with the film.

8, acceptance

The basic construction process has been completed, but do not ignore the final important acceptance work, the owner should check the wall is solid, flat, yin and yang cross vertical, no cracks, no holes, uniform color, full paint film, but also pay attention to inspection Finished product protection situation.

Summary: The above is the interior wall decoration steps that Xiao Bian brings to you today. I believe that my friends have a certain understanding. You can refer to the interior wall decoration steps . I hope this article will help you.

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