Introduction to the characteristics and application of chemical anchor bolts

Chemical anchor bolt fixing features (1) accurate positioning. The deviation between the center tube installation center and the design center of the bridge type sewage treatment equipment shall not exceed 20mm, and the deviation between the installation elevation and the design elevation shall not exceed 10mm; and the diameter of the pool is generally 4560m, and the installation accuracy is quite high. The method of pre-embedding bolts can not meet the needs of installation accuracy. It can be fixed by chemical anchor bolts. After the construction of the bottom of the pool and the construction of the pool wall, the center point of the pool can be accurately determined. Then, the position and size of the screw hole of the bottom plate of the center tube can be used to determine the position of the chemical anchor bolt. Improve the accuracy of positioning. (2) Easy to adjust. The horizontal deviation of the installation of the central cylinder of the bridge sewage treatment equipment shall not exceed 2j; using chemical anchor bolts, the level of installation of the central cylinder can be conveniently adjusted by screws and nuts to ensure that the level meets the requirements. (3) The chemical anchoring bolt has high strength and wide application range. After comparison test, the chemical anchor bolt is installed in the concrete, the strength is basically the same as the pre-embedded bolt, higher than the expansion bolt, and the lower the ç ¼ mark, the more obvious the advantage; the surface is strictly treated, suitable for corrosive and poor conditions. In various environments, the center tube is hoisted in place with a simple lifting device, saving mechanical costs. The disadvantage is that the chemical anchor bolts are slightly more expensive than the pre-embedded expansion bolts.

The bridge type sewage treatment equipment mainly consists of the following four parts: the center tube, the bridge frame, the scraper and the brush. The bridge is rotated along the central cylinder under the driving of the motor and the traveling device; when rotating, the scraper and the brush collect the sludge and debris at the bottom of the pool and the wall, and are removed by the transmission mechanism. In order to ensure the treatment effect, the position and elevation of the rotating center must be strictly controlled. Otherwise, the spacing between the scraper, the brush and the bottom of the pool and the wall of the pool will be uneven: the spacing is too large, the scraping effect is not good; the spacing is too small, the scraper, the crucible The brush wear is large, and the torque is increased, the power consumption is too large, and the rotation cannot be performed in severe cases. The chemical anchor bolt is a kind of fastener imported from the United Kingdom. When using it, first drill the brick or the base of the brick with a hammer, put the glass bottle containing the chemical, and then put the bolt into the rotation and put the glass bottle. The crushing, the medicament flows out, and after a period of curing, the bolt and the base body are tightly integrated into one body.

Specification For ERW Square Steel Pipes / Tubes SHS
Outer Diameter
Other sizes can be customized
Wall Thickness
Other sizes can be customized
Common length 5.8m, 6m, 11.8m, 12m
Less Than 12m
sizes can be customized
GB/T3091 - welded pipe for low pressure fluid service
GB/T9711 - Steel Pipe for pipeline of petroleum and natural gas industries ( Class A steel pipe)
API 5L - Line Pipe
API 5CT - Steel pipe for use as casing or tubing for wells of petroleum and natural gas industries
ASTM - A53 Black and hot-dipped galvanized welded and seamless steel pipe
ASTM A252 - Welded and seamless steel pipe piles
BS1387, BS3601, BS EN39
JIS G3444, JIS G3452, JIS G 3454
EN10219 EN10217
Q195, Q215, Q235, Q345, 16Mn, 10#, 20#, 30#, 45#; A36, SS400
ASTM A53 Grade A, Grade B;
ASTM A252 Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3
Ends Protector
Plastic pipe cap, Iron protector
Surface Treatment
Black painting, oiled, threaded
Section Shape
Bundle, In Bulk, Bags, Clients' Request
Xingang Port,Tianjin, China
Date of Delivery
According To The Quantity And Specification Of Each Order
L/C, T/T, Western Union, Alibaba Trade Assurance

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