Leading brand Anwar Tiles create a high interior atmosphere

The store image is the window of brand image. A good store image can not only implement effective information interaction, stimulate consumers' desire to purchase, but also enhance the image of enterprise products and brands. The high-end brand image needs to be equipped with a high-end storefront image display platform. Anwar Tiles is regarded as the leading brand of marble tiles by the ceramic industry. Through the high-end image display platform of the brand's stores, it explains the exquisite quality life for consumers and leads the home decoration. Trendy fashion.

Stylish high-end store image, showing a variety of home fashion trends

The Anhua brand has sales outlets of up to 1,500. It has set up Shishangguan as a product sales and image display throughout the country. It presents consumers with the personality charm of Anwar tiles and customizes the extraordinary home space. Shishangguan mainly adopts fashionable and simple design style, integrates elements of art culture and nature, and divides and extends through the geometric block of modernity. The simple and sharp lines outline the harmonious atmosphere and create a high-end, atmospheric, The upscale interior atmosphere makes the various tiles stand out at the same time, and it is extraordinarily distinguished and fashionable.

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The meticulous and meticulous display makes the tiles show the ultimate simplicity. The stone shop includes marble tiles, polished tiles, matt tiles, porcelain wood, porcelain tiles and other products. It has set up a number of real-life model rooms to present the products. Sticking effect, deducting a variety of home decoration styles at home and abroad, sharing the world's top home fashion feast with consumers.

A wide range of products to meet diverse consumer needs

In the fashion hall, there are hundreds of styles of products. Each product interprets simple, fashionable and natural design ideas, which can meet the individual needs of each consumer, and the tiles are placed in an orderly manner. It also allows customers to find their favorite products "quickly, accurately and slyly". Whether you are a loyal fan of European style, a longing for modern minimalist style, a Chinese-style admirer, or a follower of Southeast Asian style, you can feel "good heart" and build an art and natural atmosphere. And the home of love.

Anwar Tiles introduces the world's most advanced ceramic tile production equipment, technology and product research and development teams in Italy and Spain. It goes through every inch of stone production, collects all kinds of art and fashion elements, and lays down professional, fashionable and natural for each tile. Simple branding, together with people to achieve the dream of home.

Professional service to create a pleasant and comfortable experience consumption

In the design of Shishang Pavilion, Anwar Tiles pursues not only the visual stimulation, but also the experience of product use. Consumers can truly feel the various styles of decoration space, zero-touch products, experience different home decoration styles and lifestyles. There is a leisure area in the pavilion where consumers can sit on a soft sofa, drink tea, relax their tired nerves, and make the shopping process easier and more fun. In addition, each store is equipped with professional home consultants to provide customers with professional and personalized services, so that customers can enjoy the God-like shopping experience.

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