N35-N52 Disk Neodymium Permanent Magnets

  • Model NO.: sqj-025
  • Shape: Round
  • Delivery Time: 10 Day for Product
  • Shapes: Block\Disk Cylinder \ Ring \Segment \(for Design)
  • Type: Permanent
  • Trademark: COCO
  • Origin: China Mainland
  • Application: Speaker Magnet, Industrial Magnet, Jewelry Magnet, Solenoid, Motor Magnet
  • Coating: Zinc
  • Certification: RoHS/ ISO/Ts16949:9000
  • Coat: Nickel.Zinc Expoy Nicuni Silver Gold etc
  • Composition: NdFeB Magnet
  • Specification: ROHS
  • HS Code: 85051110
Established in 2004, Ningbo Keke Magnet Technology Co., Ltd is a professional Neodymium magnet manufacturer with 2000 metric tons annually. The products are widely used in Servo motors, Linear motors, High speed motors, Oil field motors, Step motors, Micro motors

Disk NdFeB Magnets Product Description:
1. Materials: Ne-Fe-B
2. Shape: Various as you wish
3. Certificate: ISO/TSI6949: 2009

Disk NdFeB Magnets Specifications:
A. Materials: Neodymium-Ferrum-Boron;
B. Grades: N35-N54, 35M-52M, 33H-50H, 33SH-45SH, 30UH-42UH, 30EH-38EH, and 28AH-33AHB.
C. Coating: Various coatings to protect the magnets, such as Ni, Zn, gold, copper, epoxy, chemical, parylene and so on;
D. Shape: Block, Ring, Disc, Cylinder, Arc(Segment), Half Ring, and Customized Design;
E. Size: Customized size per your requirements, largest block length of 150mm, biggest ring of D220mm, smallest thickness of 0.5mm
F. Performance: High coercive force (Hcb) can reach 9.7kOe (772KA/M), the max operation temp (Tw) is up to 220 degree centigrade or 380 curie temperature;
G. Applications: Magnet Separators, Sensors, Motors, Rotors, Wind turbines, Wind generators, Loudspeakers, Magnetic hooks, Magnetic holder, Filters Automobiles Magnetic jewelries, toys, magnetic buttons, Magnetic therapy and so on;

Disk NdFeB Magnets Production process:
Raw Materials-->Mixture--->Vacuum Melting--- > Powder Production--- >Molding ---> Vacuum Sintering--- > Testing--- >Mechanical Processing--- > Surface Coating--- >Magnetized--- > Inspecting--- > Packing and Shipping.

Disk NdFeB Magnets Directions of Magnetization:
A. Thickness Magnetized
B. Axially Magnetized
C. Diametrally Magnetized
D. Multi-poles magnetized
E. Radial Magnetized
F. Customized specific requirements magnetized

Our Machines:
(01) Vacuum Melting Furnaces 2 sets (300KGS)
(02) HDDR Furnaces 2 sets (1 TONS)
(03) Jet Milling Furnaces 3 sets (2X80KGS, 1X300KGS)
(04) Vacuum Sintering Furnaces 10 sets (10X500KGS)
(05) Grinder 20 sets
(06) WEDM 300 sets

Test Equipment
(01) Magnetic Measurement for Permanent Magnets 1 set
(02) Highly Accelerated Stress Tester- HAST 2 sets
(03) Image Measuring Instrument 2 sets
(04) X-ray Coating Thickness Gauge 2 sets
(05) Electro-Thermostatic Blast Oven 3 sets
(06) Salty Spray Test Chamber 3 sets
Experienced Engineers: 5 persons
QC: 8 persons

We can provide almost all grades of Arc NdFeB Magnets in large quantity.
In addition, if you customized products,
Please send the specifications to fax your drawing to 0086-574-87203528.
Contact Person: Candy
MB: 008613957886507

N35-N52 Disk Neodymium Permanent Magnets

N35-N52 Disk Neodymium Permanent Magnets

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