Nine details of bathroom decoration need waterproof, anti-corrosion and rust

Nowadays, how to reflect the comfort and safety of the bathroom and bathroom decoration has become a focus of decoration. When interviewing the home improvement industry, the reporter learned that the decoration of the bathroom involved a lot of details in the home decoration. If it is not handled well, it will not only directly affect the quality of home life in the future, but also affect the mood. Bathroom decoration should pay attention to the following points:

1 shed: Because the water in the bathroom is heavier, choose materials that are waterproof, anti-corrosive and rust-proof.

2 Ground: Before laying the floor tiles, be sure to waterproof them; after the tiles are laid, ensure that the brick surface has a drainage slope (usually about 1%), the slope is facing the floor drain; the ground must be closed after the tiles are laid. Water experiment, the time must be at least 24 hours; when laying the floor tiles, pay attention to the seams and alignment with the wall tiles to ensure the overall sense of the entire bathroom, so as not to create a messy impression on the visual.

3 Wall surface: The tile on the wall should also be moisture-proof and waterproof, and it should be flat when tiling, and it should be seamed and aligned with the floor tile to ensure the overall feeling of the wall and the ground; The cut of the tile should be small and appropriate, and the flange cover on the water heater can be easily covered to make the appearance perfect.

4 doors and windows: It is best to have windows in the bathroom to facilitate ventilation; if there is no window, pay special attention to the details of the door. In order to prevent the water from overflowing in the bathroom, the door boundary should be slightly higher than the inner side of the bathroom; the gap between the door and the floor of the bathroom should be kept larger to facilitate the return air; if it is a sliding door, the sliding door and the bathroom should be Make a layer of waterproof between the tiles.

5 circuit laying: the wire joints in the bathroom must be tinned, and must be wrapped with waterproof tape and insulating tape to ensure safety; the wire body must be covered with flame retardant pipe; all switches and sockets must have moisture-proof boxes, and the location is also It depends on the size and location of the appliance to ensure convenient and reasonable use.

6 Waterway renovation: It is best not to make too much changes to the water supply and drainage lines in the bathroom. If you want to change it, it depends on the specific situation. If the model of the clothes machine is different, the position of the water will be different.

7 sanitary ware installation: It is best to remember the distance between the water hole before the decoration, choose the bathtub, bath room, toilet, wash basin and other sanitary ware according to the size, so as not to be unsuitable in the decoration; the toilet should be installed first. The mud is sealed and then fixed with expansion screws or glass glue, which is easy to repair when the toilet is blocked.

8 Ventilation: There must be an exhaust fan in the bathroom, and the exhaust fan must have a reverse gate to prevent the dirty air from flowing backwards.

9 Greening: Adding anger. The bathroom should not be a corner forgotten by the green. During the decoration, you can choose some shade-resistant and wet pots to be placed in the bathroom, which makes the place a little more angry.

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