North Carolina furniture brand story

Justin Z was born in a family of Chinese furniture. Under the influence of his father's playful pottery and subtle influence, he was obsessed with home art from an early age. Afterwards, his experience in the United States has further enhanced his understanding of home art. During his stay in the United States, he often traveled to and from museums, art centers and furniture fairs on all continents of the United States, constantly combing and upgrading his artistic accomplishments with his unique perspective. The embarrassment of a couple of American designers at the high-point show in North Carolina made him a qualitative leap in the understanding of furniture and life. Because of their similar interests, they quickly became oblivious. They often talk about life together, explore art, and explore a wide variety of furniture cultures. The old man often took him around North Carolina, letting him feel the same kind of North Carolina hidden under the strong modern atmosphere, during which all the sensations stimulated the source of sensitive art nerves.

Under the guidance and guidance of the elderly, the source has deeper feelings, feelings and feelings for home art; and the American life that has been dyed for many years has made the source have a new interpretation and strong sense of American life attitude and lifestyle. A sense of identity. The United States is a multi-ethnic country developed by the colonies. Pragmatic, independent freedom, pioneering and enterprising constitute the spiritual connotation of the Americans. They hold the life creed of "work hard, enjoy themselves", advocating freedom and pursuing individuality. Due to the short history of the United States, they respect the time, cherish the sense of history, and pay attention to the inheritance of culture. There is a lingering nostalgic complex in the bones. The new generation of Americans is advancing with the times, and the awareness of environmental protection is growing stronger. Pursue the harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Based on this historical and cultural background, contemporary Americans demand elegant and not over-decorated furniture. They don't have to paint gold, they don't have to sculpt, and they are simple, clear lines and decorative elements, plus traditional craftsmanship. The use of heavy logs, plus the almost admired antiques, the paint is mostly dull matt, just like the retreat craftsmanship of Levi's jeans has become a classic. The Americans have no ostentation in design, but they have a kind of honor in their bones. Make the furniture look more spacious. Tradition contains fashion, elegance contains classics. On the basis of comfort and environmental protection, it highlights self and individuality, emphasizes the inheritance and historical sense of furniture, and has an atmosphere of beauty.

The source is deeply attracted by this American-style furniture. He is eager to share such a way of life with the Chinese people, and can play the elegant and noble of American furniture on the Chinese stage. However, the whole copy is contrary to the aesthetics of the Chinese people. The Chinese people are introverted and delicate. They are tough and pay attention to humanistic care. In this era of rapid economic development, they are more eager to say goodbye to each other, calm down, return to nature, and return to their hearts. Therefore, the source decided to learn from and extend the American American furniture: the style is from rough to elegant; the craft is from simple to refined; the nostalgic elements are richer and integrated into Chinese traditional culture. Considering that contemporary people are increasingly demanding environmental protection and paying more attention to the health and safety of furniture, the source decided to use all solid wood materials. "North Carolina" has been formed. Her core: freedom, personality; warm, nostalgic; elegant, refined; practical, comfortable; healthy, environmentally friendly.
North Carolina Furniture is the expression of Ayuan's gratitude to the American elderly. It is also the source of the sentiment and nostalgia for the life in the United States. I hope that each of us can appreciate the warmth of home and find the true meaning of life.

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