Pepper needs soil testing and watering

Pepper is neither drought-tolerant nor tolerant. Although the pepper plant itself does not require a large amount of water, the root system is underdeveloped and needs to be watered frequently to obtain high yield. When the pepper is flowering and fruiting, if the soil is dry and the water is insufficient, it is easy to cause the falling flowers and fruit, and affect the fruit to enlarge, so that the fruit surface is more shrinking, less lustrous, and the fruit shape is curved. However, if the soil moisture is too much, it will easily cause water damage, or cause other complications, such as root rot, stem-based rot, sclerotinia, and epidemics. Light plants will be wilted, and in severe cases, they will die.

In order to avoid blind watering, after the pepper enters the result period, the soil testing method can be adopted: firstly, according to the zigzag shape, 5~10 representative test points are selected in the shed or a piece of pepper field. Then, uncover the mulch film in the planting line, remove the topsoil in the center of the small ditch (about 5 cm in thickness), grab the soil in the lower part, hold it slightly, and then spread the handle. If the soil is found to be loose or loose, it means that the soil is dehydrated and needs to be irrigated in time. If the soil is loosened, more than 90% of the soil remains in the original state, indicating that the soil is not dehydrated and no watering is needed. According to this method, test every 7~10 days.

In addition, in order to achieve scientific watering of vegetables, we must also focus on the principle of “three-seeing” of watering: look at the sky, do not water the rainy days, water the plants on a sunny day; look at the ground, use the method of “measuring soil watering”; If the top of the vegetable is slightly wilting, timely replenish water.

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