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After a long period of time, floor covering will inevitably cause discoloration, fluffing, deformation, etc., which will affect the appearance of the home. Doesn't it all need to tear down the floor and resurface the floor? The answer is no. If the home is paved with solid wood and other material floors, you can completely renovate and maintain the floor to make the home renewed.

Part1: Advantages of Floor Renovation

Compared with floor tiles and other floor decoration materials, wooden floors have a comfortable foot feel and are naturally beautiful, and therefore appear in many homes. However, after a long period of stepping on the floor and the influence of the natural environment, various loss phenomena will occur. The floor renovation process can quickly rejuvenate the floor.

1, floor renovation vs replacement of new floor

Floor refurbishment means that the old floor is restored as it is by sanding, scraping, painting, and waxing the floor surface. Compared with the replacement of a new floor, the cost of renovation of the floor is low, and after the old floor is used for a long time, the wood becomes stable, and the environmental protection is much better than the new floor.

2, the time to choose the floor renovation

There is no fixed period of time for the question of how long it will take for the floor to be refurbished. If some floors are carefully maintained every day without major problems, then even if they are used for ten years, they will not need to be refurbished; and if some floors are not properly maintained, paints, cracks, etc. will appear within a few years. All kinds of problems, then we must refurbish as soon as possible, because if you do not hurry to deal with, it will make more and more serious damage.

3, the two practices of floor renovation

There are two methods to refurbish the old floor. One is to renovate the work directly at home by the construction worker, and the other is to remove the floor and then to renovate it before returning it to the installation. It will take 8-10 days to renovate directly at home. It will take about 10-15 days to remove the floor and get the factory refurbished. The first method is relatively common, but dust and noise pollution are serious during the construction process. The second method is better for refurbishment, but it is also more troublesome and pays more.

4, floor renovation of the floor material requirements

Solid wood, solid wood composite, bamboo and wood flooring can be refurbished After the three types of flooring are damaged, refurbishment measures can be taken. However, it should be noted that the thickness of the surface layer of these floors needs to reach 4mm, because when the floor is refurbished, it needs to be polished several times. If the floor surface is too thin, it will polish the middle layer and affect the service life of the floor. Laminate flooring should not be refurbished to strengthen the floor if there is a more serious damage, do not recommend refurbishment, it is best to replace all. Firstly, due to the relatively low price of laminate flooring, the price of new flooring and refurbishment is not much different. On the other hand, it is due to the strengthening of the floor surface as its hardest part. In the middle, it is generally made of high-temperature glue, which is polished after renovation. It is easy to destroy the surface wear layer and it is more likely to cause floor aging.

5, damaged floor is not recommended for renovation

If the floor is seriously damaged, there will be large areas such as mildew and deformation, and it is not recommended to renovate. Because floor mildew generally goes deep into the interior of the floor, the polished floor surface will still have mildew spots; and the floor deformation and damage cannot be remedied by sanding. If most of the floors have been damaged, mildew, deformation, it is recommended to buy again.

6, should not choose a partial renovation of a

The overall renovation of the floor of the room is better, and the effect of the new floor can be basically achieved. Selecting a partial renovation will easily result in the difference between the floor and the floor. The longer the service life of the floor, the more obvious the difference between the old and the new.


Part2: step-by-step floor renovation general steps


The renovation of the floor requires the use of professional grinding machines. It also involves painting and other processes, so it is generally given to a dedicated refurbishment company. However, the owner still needs to understand the basic steps of renovation to prevent construction workers from burying themselves.

The first step: polishing floor floor renovation first step, using a large floor renovation machine several times to remove the paint layer, the surface 1-2 mm. Note that 40, 80 and 120 mesh sandpapers of different thicknesses are polished three times in succession. The larger the mesh number is, the smaller the sandpaper particles are, and the less scratches are left after polishing to ensure that the polished surface is smooth and smooth.

Step 2: Puttying on the putty floor After the sanding, puttying floors are to be put on the floor, and a special transparent primer putty for use with the floor covering is used to scrape on the polished floor to be dried.

The third step: brush primer, color treatment scrape putty after the floor brush primer or color treatment. Because the texture of the solid wood surface is natural, it cannot change the color, but can only adjust the depth of the floor color.

Step 4: Brush the paint After the primer has dried, apply the paint again. After drying again, grind carefully with sandpaper. Grind the floor to a rough feeling. Remove dust and brush the second coat.

Step 5: After waxing and curing, wait for the paint to dry, use a professional waxing equipment to polish the floor with wax.


Part3: Renovation doesn't leave any regrets

The basic process steps for the renovation of the old floor have already been mentioned above, but in order to guarantee the refurbishment results are satisfactory, when the floor is refurbished, the following problems need to be noted.

1, before the renovation of clean room furniture

Before the floor is refurbished, all the furniture in the room needs to be removed, on the one hand, the furniture is not covered with dust, and on the other hand, the floor renovation operation is convenient.

2, should choose the special floor paint floor renovation needs to use the paint, it is recommended to use water-based environmental protection paint, and for the special floor paint. When choosing the floor paint, pay attention to the parameters such as wear resistance of the product and check the inspection certificate to ensure that the environmental protection is excellent.

3, floor brushing the number of times to refurbish the floor, the general need to brush again primer, two times the finish. If the surface of the polished floor is flawed, it is necessary to brush the primer several times depending on the situation.

4. Change the color of the floor The texture of the solid wood floor is natural. It cannot change the color of the refurbishment, but the floor color can be adjusted. During the refurbishment, you can add the required paint to the floor paint and brush it on the floor. But if the floor itself is darker and you want to make it lighter, you need to polish it first, and then brush the paint several times to make it darker.

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