Seal gasket introduction

With the advent of the mechanized era, various kinds of machinery and equipment have emerged in an endless stream. In various mechanical equipment, the gasket has become an unnecessary part. It is the link between various parts, without this small gasket. Various large-scale machines are difficult to operate normally.

As the name suggests, a gasket is a sealing device that acts primarily as a seal. It is typically used in places where fluids pass through machinery, equipment, piping, etc. Used for connections between pipes and pipes, or between equipment components and components.

At present, the popular gaskets on the market are mainly made of metal or non-metal after cutting, stamping or cutting. Among them, high and medium pressure asbestos rubber sheet gaskets, oil-resistant asbestos rubber gaskets and cylinder gaskets are common. Seven kinds of aramid gaskets, non-asbestos gaskets, asbestos gaskets, rubber mats, etc., the sealing environment of different materials is also applicable to different environments. If the gasket selection fails, it will not only affect the operation of the equipment, Sometimes it can even cause accidents, posing a threat to people's personal and property.

Relevant information shows that different gaskets have different national standards, and there are strict requirements in terms of quality, density, corrosion resistance, lubrication resistance, oxidation resistance, etc., as long as all parameters reach the national standard, market.
'Sealing gasket introduction

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