Small American decoration features small American how to install good-looking

Small American is one of the American styles. When it comes to performance, it pays more attention to the choice of furniture and the combination of soft outfits. It uses furniture and soft furnishings to create a unique interior space. So, what are the characteristics of small American decoration ? How to install a small American look good? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

Small American decoration features:

1, small American decoration features --- American style continuation

This style of home improvement continues modern American features in furniture and accessories, naturally full of personality, using solid wood furniture, reducing the decoration of carved, curved and so on, adopting straight lines and crude style to reflect individuality and avoid stereotyped style.

2, small American decoration features --- personalized

Small American is a reduced version of the modern American style. The overall style of home improvement is based on individuality and eliminates imitation. In addition, when you are in your home, you must carry out home decoration according to your personal preference.

3, small American decoration features --- decoration is full

At home, it is necessary to use furniture and accessories as the mainstay. It is necessary to have both the American style and its own personality. This is in line with the characteristics of the small American.

How to install a small American look good:

1, light and heavy loaded soft loading

When you are in your home, you should use light and hard to wear soft clothing, and use soft outfits to highlight the atmosphere. For example: brown or gray sofa with different colors of pillows decorated, coupled with a beautiful vase, with a pleasing effect.

2, storage on the wall, free up space

At home, use wall space to store items. In addition, it is also possible to set up partitions or racks at the table so that it is practical and decorative.

3, bright single product, create a hierarchy

In the case of a consistent style, bright items should be used to embellish them. For example: bright sturdy stools, bright flowers, metal lighting, etc. This will not only increase the sense of space, but also enhance the beauty of space. effect.

4, necessary furniture, choose carefully

When building a living room, choose a TV cabinet and coffee table that are small and have storage space. This will not only improve the utilization of space, but also make the interior more tidy and clean.

5, do more subtraction, avoid excessive decoration

In the case of limited space, we must do more subtraction. Whether it is in the choice of furniture or accessories, we must choose light and easy moving items, do not over-decorate, and put the room full.

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