Small apartment home improvement renderings small apartment home improvement points

After buying a good house, we need to carry out the decoration. The visual impact of different decoration styles is different. However, some small-sized houses need us to consider in many aspects. The main consideration is how to decorate. There is more space, so what are the design drawings of small-sized home improvement? What are the precautions for small-sized home improvement? Let's introduce some of them to the small series of the decoration home network.


First, small apartment home improvement renderings

1. The visitor area and the cooking area are integrated into one place. The designer has dealt with it in an open form. The two areas are separated by a bar, and the top surface is made up of a shelf with a sofa background. Books, space has been effectively utilized, bar, fabric wooden sofa, wrought iron marble coffee table has become a simple living room space.

2. Usually the main color of small-sized home improvement is to choose the color with low transparency and purity, which is what we call gray. The color that is strongly stimulated after use will make people feel the impression, and the best choice Those relatively bright colors, the higher the brightness, the better the visual stretch performance, which makes people think that the interior is bright and spacious, and the color of the wall is also best to choose bright and cheerful colors, which will make the field of vision wider.

3. If you want a small-sized home improvement to become bigger, you must make a fuss on the ceiling. At present, changing the ceiling with the highest day will also reduce the indoor space by about 30 cm. If there is no messy lines on the ceiling. There is no need to make a wooden ceiling, so that not only does it cry for the owner to reduce part of the cost, but also the space height becomes higher.


Second, small-sized home improvement notes

1. Although the small-sized interior decoration space is relatively small, everything is available. As the saying goes: The sparrow is small and complete. Nowadays, small-sized households are mostly young people living in their lives. Their lives are more casual, but they rely on the Internet. Therefore, when designing small-sized interior decoration design, the circuit design requirements are high. When designing the circuit, we must consider various requirements, so as to avoid the need to correct later, and bring unnecessary trouble.

2. Because of the low ceiling of the small apartment, plus the decorator's design of the ceiling. Therefore, in order to avoid the top-heavy effect, you should choose a floor with a deeper color, such as solid wood flooring or mosaic, to create a sense of space for the house. Small apartment decoration precautions: With dark background, the space can be made wider and deeper. The house is small, and it is not advisable to use too strong lighting in the small apartment to make the whole house seem to be non-private. Small apartment decoration knowledge: You can install a chandelier in the small apartment living room, with a unique shape and gentle lighting.

The decoration of small apartment is more troublesome. Not only can we put all the items into it, but also the space is larger. Then, what are the design and precautions of small-sized home improvement renderings? Understand, if you still want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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