Soft film ceiling classification

Light mask

The soft film has a strong light sensation and produces a mirror-like reflection.

2. Light transparent film

The soft film is milky white and translucent. The light transmission effect can reach more than 75% in the enclosed space. It produces a uniform, soft and perfect, unique lighting decoration effect.

3. Matte surface

The soft film is second only to the glossy surface, but stronger than the base film. The overall effect is pure and high-grade.

4. Whale skin

The surface of the soft film is velvety and has excellent sound absorbing properties. It's easy to create a warm interior effect.

5. Metal surface

The soft film has a strong metallic texture and produces a metallic similar light. Has a strong viewing effect.

6. Pearlized surface

The soft film has the light perception of pearls, giving a noble space effect.

7. Fantasy face

The soft film has a rainbow-like color shift effect and can see different color effects at any angle.

8. Hole surface

The soft film has a variety of apertures such as ¢1mm, ¢4mm, ¢10mm, and the like. Good ventilation and help to circulate indoor air. And the small holes can be arranged into the desired pattern as required. Has a strong display effect.

8. Basic film

One of the more primitive types of soft-film ceilings, the lowest price. The surface is similar to the ordinary paint effect. Suitable for economical decoration. 9. Glass film

The glass film is a pure transparent film with the same effect as glass. Can achieve a variety of complex, beautiful shapes.

9: Finish film

It is a permeable material. The pattern and color are better in light transmission. You can also customize the pattern and color according to the customer's needs, and it can show your personality.

10: Forged mask

There are a series of fine lines on the surface, the light is second only to the smooth surface, and the overall effect is pure and high-grade.

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