Solid wood floor maintenance knowledge

The natural wood texture and color pattern on the solid wood floor gives a natural, soft and rich texture. At the same time, it is an ideal material for the floor decoration in the bedroom, living room, study room due to its cool in winter and cool in summer and good touch. . So, how to maintain the solid wood floor? Xiao Bian offers you a few ways.

1, anti-dirt Every two or three months, you can make a floor wax on the floor. Prior to waxing, dirt should be dusted, and then a waxing, clean, lint-free rag should be used to wax, starting from one edge of the wooden floor, followed by circular rubbing on the surface of the board. After wiping it evenly, wipe it again with the original wiper (no more wax) from the edge of the original wipe. Waxed floor surfaces are not only clean and fresh, but also can protect the paint film and delay aging.

In the maintenance of solid wood flooring, we must pay attention to keep the floor dry, clean, do not wet with water or use alkaline water, soap and water scrub, so as not to undermine the brightness of the paint. If it is dirty or dirty, wipe it with a dry cloth. It is also possible to wax on a monthly basis, but clean water vapor and stains before waxing.

2. After ten to fifteen years of painting, use the same kind of paint on the original paint floor to repaint the floor. In addition to dust removal before the paint, but also apply a little bit of water sanding paper, warm water spotting, the board surface lightly polished again, grinding off the residual oil on it, and grinding away the last small paint paint lacquer. After polishing, wipe it clean with a clean rag to apply paint. The floor thus painted will be smoother, cleaner and more lustrous.

3, heat if you touch the heater leaking, there is water on the wood floor, must be promptly clean, can not be directly exposed to the sun or baking with the electric oven, so as not to dry too fast, the floor cracking. Long-term use of solid wood flooring should not be covered with plastic sheets or newspapers, because over time, the film will be sticky and lose luster. At the same time avoid hot water pots, rice cookers and other items directly on the floor surface, so as not to burn bad paint film.

4, scrub in the daily cleaning, you can first use a vacuum cleaner to remove, and then use a soft cloth dipped in special detergent or soap tablets to clean. For a large area of ​​cleaning, use a sprayer or a rotary cleaner. For natural lacquer solid wood flooring, water does not have any benefit to it. When cleaning, it is necessary to minimize excess moisture. When scrubbing, be sure to wring out the rag. Oil wax wood flooring to remove the black rubber wear marks and other marks that can not be removed with water can be removed with a soft cloth, low concentration of alcohol or a little white wine.

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