Tap filter remove and replace tap filter price

The faucet filter can filter out some impurities in the water to ensure our healthy water. However, due to prolonged use, faucet filters will inevitably arise problems due to the accumulation of some impurities and sediments, we will encounter problems related to removal of the replacement faucet filters and faucet filters price, with a look below .

First, tap filter introduction

Some of the faucet filters are installed inside the faucet, and some are installed at the faucet mouth. The faucet filter is a type of device that performs a relatively good filtering function during the faucet flow.

The faucet filter can play a preliminary filtering effect on impurities and calcium carbonate in the water. It is a more practical method that the water faucet designers have obtained through long-term research and experiments.

Some of the faucet filters are plastic, some are iron mesh, and the faucet filters of different faucets are different.

Second, tap filter problem

In fact, there are always many small problems in our life that will bother us. For example, the plugging of the tap filter is an annoying problem.

Although our faucet filters are often used and have been washed out by water, many of us have overlooked a very important problem. That is, water also has a lot of precipitated substances. These tiny precipitated materials will stop over time. In tap filters, even a long flow of water is still difficult to wash.

Third, tap filter replacement

Due to the accumulation of various deposits and impurities on the faucet filter network, it has caused great inconvenience to our lives. If it is caused by the blockage, it cannot be used normally or if the water is splashed everywhere, it is quite troublesome to use. It involves the need to clean or replace the faucet filter, but many people do not know how to replace the faucet filter, so it has brought a lot of confusion.

Fourth, tap filter removal

To replace the faucet filter, it is natural to know how to remove the faucet filter before it can be replaced and cleaned. We can buy a suitable filter, and then follow the steps of the initial installation of the faucet, in turn, step by step to open it back, it is best to find some more professional tools to disassemble, so as not to damage the rest of the faucet As long as the tap is opened, replacing the filter is much easier.


Tap filter installation steps:

1. Unscrew the filter tip of the faucet counterclockwise (if it does not move, use a wire clamp to twist a cloth);

2, filter mouth down, with the thumb force up the top, the plastic filter top out;

3. Put the plastic filter element under the faucet and gently brush it with a toothbrush to wash off the fine layer of scale on the surface.

4, the clean filter is assembled, re-tighten the tap on the OK;

5. Put the filter element flat (there is one end of the green filter upwards), and gently insert the small scissors tip into the edge seam to remove the green cone filter.

6. Hold the filter element in the hand, insert the small scissors into the rectangular hole in the right hand, and forcefully remove the second layer of the disc-shaped filter cover diagonally, then pour out the third and fourth layer-shaped filter screens;

7, respectively, with a toothbrush to clean the components;

8, in accordance with the reverse order of decomposition of the fourth, three pieces of grating, the second layer of disc-shaped filter cover into the filter, and finally with a small cut green filter into the filter card slot;

9, the combination of a good filter element in accordance with the direction of the arrow into the filter, should pay attention to the filter and the filter along the edge, so as not to screw into the faucet when the installation is not smooth;

10. Screw the filter clockwise.

Five, tap filter price

Problems such as the replacement of faucet filters can only be solved easily if they can understand the method in life. If they can't solve it, they can also find a corresponding sales company to carry out maintenance. For those friends who need to replace the faucet filter, it is naturally very concerned about the price of the faucet filter. We all know that the faucet filter is a very small network, the price will not be very expensive, a few dollars Can be done easily.

The above about faucet filter replacement and faucet filter prices simply introduced here, I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.


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