Technical requirements for flammable gas alarms

Everyone is unfamiliar with a strange thing, and it is often full of various unknowns. Especially for industrial safety protection products such as combustible gas alarms, many people see flammable gas alarms at once, let alone combustible gases. Alarm technical requirements. So, for a user who has just come into contact with a combustible gas alarm, how to quickly become familiar with the combustible gas alarm technology, Kurek pointed out that in fact, the technical requirements of the combustible gas alarm are very simple, and only need to know the following four chapters can. Technical requirements for flammable gas alarms are in four parts: 1. Detection of flammable gas alarms. Appearance and power-on inspections are required. Name, number, manufacturer's name, model number, time of manufacture, permit and number of manufacturing measuring instruments for combustible gas alarms are required. , explosion-proof signs, accessories, manufacturer's instructions and other information are clear and complete. 2. The connection of combustible gas alarms is reliable. The normal control and operation of each button and knob are important factors for ensuring the technical qualification of combustible gas alarms. 3. During the power-on inspection, the movable parts exposed to the outside can be used and operated normally. The flammable gas alarm display device is correct and clear, and can help the user to clearly see the specific concentration value of the flammable gas at a relatively long distance. Ensure the safety protection of the entire environment. 4. In the process of first verification of industrial-grade explosion-proof flammable gas alarms using AC power, insulation resistance test shall be performed. The insulation resistance of the phase-to-ground wire shall be greater than or equal to 20 M ohm to ensure the normal operation of the instrument. . The above is only a brief introduction to the technical requirements for combustible gas alarms. It can be seen that the technical requirements for combustible gas alarms are very simple. The core technology lies in whether the technical engineers of combustible gas alarm manufacturers have advanced production technologies. Production process, and important ideas. At present, smart combustible gas alarms have been put into use in some regions. They connect smart phones and pass the detection values ​​to the user's mobile phones. This enables users to know the safety of the environment at any time and anywhere, so that they can save money and save money. .

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