TFE film dust collector bag filter bag quality how to choose

Bag filter is a device that uses filtration and environmental protection now. Mainly rely on bags to dust and filter to achieve the purpose of dust removal. In order to design the bag filter, we must first understand the characteristics of the working conditions, and then only select the appropriate material of the dust bag, it will be a better design dust collector type. The condition of working conditions refers to the external environment to which dust bag work is attached. What kind of material is selected, what kind of filter media depends on working conditions, what kind of working conditions must choose the corresponding filter material to match. Only in this way can the service life of the dust bag be in good condition. Dust bag is a vital part of the normal operation of the bag filter, so it is usually used durable fabrics. In the industrial flue gas dust removal, due to the differences in the characteristics of the steel, cement, power generation, waste incineration and other industries and the conditions of the company's own working conditions, it is difficult to grasp the conditions of use of the various manufacturers. Therefore, in addition to the quality of the filter itself, as far as the external environment is concerned, there are many factors that affect the life of the dust bag. What are the factors affecting the life of the dust bag? How to extend its service life?
First, the filter bag filter set the impact of wind speed on the filter bag filter bag filter dust velocity is too high, is the main reason for dust filter bag damage. In recent years, some units have blindly reduced the cost of equipment and increased profits. When designing bag filter, the filter speed has been increased. The users have no obvious reaction in a short time, but the service life of the filter bag is greatly shortened.

Second, the impact of bag filter operating temperature on the dust collector bag The correct choice of dust filter bag suitable for the dust temperature is the key to the bag. If the temperature is too high, the filter bag used is selected to exceed the normal operating temperature. If the filter bag is light, the service life is shortened, and the filter bag is severely burned in a short time. Therefore, when selecting the filter bag, it must be determined to calculate the inlet temperature of the filter, and select the corresponding filter bag.

III. Effect of Dust Collector Bag Filter Dust Medium on Dust Collector Bag The choice of dust collector cloth bag fabric depends on the nature of dust dust, taking into account whether the dust contains acid, alkali or corrosive substances. According to the nature of the dust, the filter material suitable for it can be selected so that the filter bag can normally adsorb the dust without affecting its service life.

Fourth, dust collector bag itself quality problems

The processing of dust collector bags is particularly important. In recent years, some small manufacturers use small sewing machines as processing equipment, and use inferior quality lines as raw materials during processing, which is far from real and the level of processing is far behind. So that the use of filter bags in the use of time will not appear long lines, cracks, falling bottom and so on.

Dust bag film filter is a composite filter. A variety of base fabrics are used to form the filter media for various applications. For example, polypropylene base fabrics (dust removal bags) are suitable for applications with high corrosive gas and good chemical resistance. The use of glass cloth as a base cloth (dust filter bag) is suitable for corrosion resistance, high temperature gas. Its surface is a thin (50um thick), extremely smooth, microporous (1.4 billion micropores per square centimeter) expanded PTFE membrane. Dust bag film filter is a composite filter. Its surface is a thin (50um thick), extremely smooth, microporous (1.4 billion micropores per square centimeter) expanded PTFE membrane. Due to the fact that dust cannot penetrate into the membrane during filtration, no matter if coarse or fine dust is deposited on the surface of the filter media. For durability, the film is laminated on tensile and wear-resistant materials. Surface filtration does not require the establishment of a “second filter dust layer” between the pores of the filter (the space between the fibers), and the industrial fabric filter used usually requires the establishment of such a dust layer. As the blowing frequency is reduced, mechanical maintenance costs are reduced, the life of the dust filter bag is increased, the filtration speed is high, and the dust collector can be made smaller, thus saving investment. As the pressure loss is small, the power consumption of the fan is reduced, and the processing air volume is increased. Due to the good cleaning performance of the filter media, the power cost of cleaning is reduced. Film cover dust bag performance:

(1) Dust removal efficiency: Because the film does not change the porosity and density after cleaning, under the condition that the filter dust particle size is very fine, the film filter can achieve zero emission.

(2) Breathability: The clean filter material is lower than the air permeability (30% to 70%) of the general filter material, and is about 8% to 10%. The low permeability is due to a film on the surface, which is caused by Fully understandable.

(3) Pressure loss: Its pressure loss can be attributed to the pressure loss of the membrane. It is much less than the pressure loss of the textile filter during filtration. In practice, its pressure loss is about 980.7Pa (100mmH2O).

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