The influence of the cleanliness of the bearing on the bearing

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The influence of the cleanliness of the bearing on the bearing

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-04-13

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1. Influence on the bearing life The bearing cleanliness has a considerable impact on the bearing life; SKF Bearing has conducted special experiments for this purpose; the result is that it is several times or even dozens of times. Bearing cleaning The higher the degree; the longer the life is, the experiment indicates that smooth oil with different cleanliness has a great influence on the life of the ball bearing. Therefore, improving the cleanliness of the smooth oil can extend the life of the bearing; The dirt particles are controlled below 10um; the bearing life is also increased several times.
2. Influence on oscillation noise. 1) Influence on oscillation The experimental results in the middle of Hangzhou bearing test indicate that the cleanliness seriously affects the oscillation level of the bearing; especially the oscillation of the high frequency band is more obvious. The bearing oscillation speed with high cleanliness Low value; especially in the high frequency band.
.2) Influence on noise Japan Bearing Company Co., Ltd. has conducted experiments on the influence of dust on noise in bearing smooth grease; it proves that the more dust, the greater the noise.
3, the impact on the smooth function of the bearing cleanliness; not only affect the composition of the smooth oil film; it will also lead to the smoothing of the smooth fat and accelerate its aging; then affect the smooth function of the smooth fat.

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