The smart lock market will exceed 10 billion in 2017 and become a smart home location

As the Internet of things and smart homes are surging, the concept of smart life has gradually entered people's lives. In smart home systems, smart door locks have unique application scenarios and integration space. With the wave of smart home industry, the development speed of smart door locks is amazing. According to institutional data, the output value of China's lock industry reached 80 billion in 2016, of which the total output value of smart locks will reach 8 billion, and the annual growth rate will exceed 40%. By 2017, the output value of smart door locks will exceed the 10 billion mark, making it an important application location for smart homes.


Faced with this huge market cake, both traditional mechanical lock production companies, smart homes, and smart hardware companies are eyeing, and many entrepreneurs have also poured in. In 2015, there were only dozens of smart door lock brands on the market. By 2016, nearly 1,000 smart lock brands broke out in the market, which shows the popularity of this industry.

There are two main market directions for smart door locks: ToB (enterprise market) and ToC (consumer market). Due to the difficulty in market education and promotion of C-end (home users), the emerging smart door lock companies are focusing on the B-end market where there are more purchases and intelligent management of door locks, especially hotels and Brand apartment market.

Among them, Yunding Company aimed at the rental housing market with a market capacity of 70 million sets, specifically creating a “condo version” of the Ding star security door lock, and with the chain home, Tujia, short pig rental, eggshell apartment, magic fly Apartments, elephants, connected homes and Other well-known short and long-term rental apartments in the industry are working together to deepen the market for apartment locks.

With the rapid development of branded apartments, managers are also seeking more efficient management solutions to manage thousands of rooms with the least amount of manpower and time. In this situation, smart door locks become a good choice. “Ding staring at Huanan District Deputy General Manager Huang Fangyuan, the reporter of the “Smart Product Circle,” said Ding Hao’s smart door locks can achieve housekeeping at the item level, reducing the manual involvement of housekeepers in operations, and centralizing and real-time Information about an apartment’s room access, room status, etc., can also be used to enhance interactions with residents (such as paying reminders, etc.) This also makes Ding’s stare at the popularity of branded apartments, which is expected to reach 260,000 units this year. The total sales of more than 500 million yuan, covering 60% of the branded apartment market.


And Xiaomi founder Lei Jun's Shun Wei Fund's Yunyou Technology chose the hotel market to cut in and launched the Internet of Things based on their own HiSL wireless network lock platform to help the hotel to better manage and solve the "flying single" Pain point problem. According to Yunyou, currently in the smart lock market of the hotel industry, they have occupied most of the market, and they can also enter the first tier in the entire 2B smart lock market.

At present, smart-lock companies such as Ding-Ying and Yunyou have already established a foothold in the toB market. In the future, they may cooperate with Ctrip and other companies to open up commercial PMS systems for OTA business hotels/apartments to enable booking, check-in, check-out, and cleaning. Process automation, initially built a commercial Internet smart lock ecosystem.

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