There are several types of plate rubber bearings

There are several types of plate rubber bearings

Plate rubber bearings are generally divided into round plate rubber bearings, rectangular plate rubber bearings and PTFE plate rubber bearings. It can be said that they are commonly used in three major categories of plate rubber bearings. Talk about these kinds of plate rubber bearings. If there is anything that is not comprehensive and unclear, you can communicate with us at any time, and we will serve you 24 hours a day!

Plate rubber bearings are generally divided into round plate rubber bearings and rectangular plate rubber bearings, respectively called GYZ and GJZ

The types of basin-type rubber bearings are mainly GPZ series bearings, which can also be divided into specifications of basin-type bearings such as GPZ (‖), GPZ (2009), GPZ (KZ), but in terms of appearance, several basins The difference between the type of support is not very big!

The PTFE plate rubber support is basically the same as the plate rubber support. The difference from the plate support is the addition of the PTFE plate. The specific types are mainly GYZF4 (round PTFE plate rubber support) and GJZF4 (rectangular PTFE plate rubber) Support)!

In the production process of sheet rubber bearings, from the production of raw materials to the production of molding, no matter which step can not be relaxed, so what should be paid attention to in the production process? hsyfxj2345631

Raw materials for plate rubber bearings:

This is the main factor affecting the quality of rubber bearings. At present, due to the fierce market competition, many rubber bearing manufacturers reduce costs from this piece and use inferior rubber. This can be seen from the appearance of one or two. Good rubber has a shiny surface. , Dark, you can feel a little elasticity by pressing with your fingers, the quality of the rubber is almost black, the surface is black, and there is no gloss. But the quality of the glue is really good, you need to do an experiment. Simply judge from the aspects of compressive elastic modulus and shear elastic modulus to find that no quality problems can be found. Generally, you need to do an intermediate layer film test to detect it. problem.

Internal steel plate of rubber bearing:

The steel plate is the guarantee of the bearing capacity of the rubber bearing, so the thickness of the steel plate must meet the standard, the finished plate must be used in the material, and the bending plate must be eliminated. Bonding with steel plate.

Production technology of rubber bearing:

The rubber bearings have not yet been fully automated. The steps before vulcanization are basically manual operations. The quality of the processes such as lowering, cutting, and laminating are closely related to the proficiency of workers. The vulcanization time and temperature control on the vulcanizing machine are also very important. The vulcanization time of rubber supports of different specifications is different. If the corresponding vulcanization time is not reached, then the formation of the sandwich will occur, and the rubber inside is not fully vulcanized. product quality.

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