Toilet installation notes small details to create a comfortable life

Every day, countless people are searching for a topic: What should I do if the toilet is blocked? Looking at it is a bit ridiculous. How many people face this embarrassing problem every day? At the same time, on the other hand, we also use it when we install it. In the process, more or less made a lot of mistakes, pay attention to every process of installation and use, allowing you to live a comfortable life with ease. So have you mastered the toilet installation skills and its precautions?

Pay attention to check if the return water bend has glazed surface

After picking the appearance of the favorite toilet, be sure not to be confused by the style of the bells and whistles. The most important thing is to look at the quality of the toilet. The glaze of the toilet should be smooth and smooth. There are no obvious defects, no pinholes, no glaze, trademarks. Clear, all kinds of accessories are complete, the shape is not deformed. In order to save costs, many toilets have no glazed surface in the water return bend, and some use a gasket with small elasticity and poor sealing performance. Such a toilet is prone to fouling and clogging, and is also prone to water leakage. Therefore, when you buy, you should put your hand into the dirty mouth of the toilet and touch it to see if it is smooth.

In terms of flushing, the toilets on the market can be divided into siphon type and open flush type (ie, straight-through type), but currently mainly siphon type. The siphon-type toilet flushes with water and has a siphon effect, which can quickly remove dirt. The straight flushing toilet has a large diameter, and the larger dirt is easy to rush. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, so the actual situation should be integrated when purchasing.

After the receipt of the goods, the installation begins.

The toilet should be subjected to strict quality inspection before leaving the factory, such as testing water, visual appearance, etc. Products that can be sold in the market are generally qualified products, but remember that no matter how big the brand is, it should be opened in front of the merchant. Check the goods in the box, check if there are obvious defects and bruises, and whether there is color difference in each part.

Check to adjust the ground level

After you buy a toilet with the same wall-to-wall size and a sealed cushion, you can start the installation. Before the installation of the toilet, the sewage pipeline should be inspected thoroughly to see if there are any mud and sand, waste paper and other debris in the pipeline. At the same time, check whether the floor of the toilet installation is horizontal or not. If the ground is found to be uneven, the toilet should be installed. Level the ground. Saw the drain so that the drain is 2mm-5mm above the ground as far as possible.

Check the installation of the tank fittings to check for leaks

First check the tap water pipe and drain the pipe for 3-5 minutes to ensure the clean water pipe; then install the angle valve and connecting hose, then connect the hose to the installed water tank fitting inlet valve and connect the water source to check the water inlet. Whether the valve inlet water and sealing are normal, and whether the drain valve installation position is flexible or not.

Finally, test the sewage discharge effect by installing the accessories in the water tank, filling the water, and testing the flushing of the toilet. If the water vortex is very urgent and rushes quickly, it means that the water is unobstructed. Otherwise, check if there is any blockage. Happening.

Quasi-pitch distance for easy installation

In addition, the distance must be measured when installing. The pit distance refers to the distance from the center of the drain to the wall behind the tank. The error cannot exceed 1 cm, otherwise the toilet cannot be installed. The pit distance of the lower drainage method refers to the distance between the center point of the ground water hole and the unrenovated wall surface. After the drainage method, it is necessary to measure the ground distance (refer to the distance from the center point of the drainage hole to the ground). The toilet pit distance is generally 300mm and 400mm, and now there are 350mm on the market. If you want to know the specific distance, you can know the specific data by measuring the horizontal direction from the side of the toilet to the center of the lower water pipe.

Professional reminder

When installing the toilet, do not pour cement mortar into the cavity or other cavity of the toilet to avoid swelling and cracking the toilet due to cement condensation.

The toilet should not be used in an environment below zero degrees Celsius, otherwise the water will expand and burst into the ceramic body. Do not hit the ceramic with a hard object to prevent damage and water leakage. In order to keep the surface of the product clean, use nylon brush and special cleaning agent. It is strictly forbidden to use steel brush and strong organic solution to avoid damaging the product and eroding the pipeline.

The water seal height at the bottom of the toilet is too low, which may cause the bathroom to return to taste and affect health. If it is too high, the water surface will splash easily, so the manufacturer should adjust the water seal to the proper position according to the height of the individual's needs. If the toilet is bought back, the decoration team will raise a piece, make a water guide, and then do waterproof; or buy a drain converter accessory to connect. However, any change in abnormal installation will destroy the vacuum suction of the toilet, affecting the original sewage discharge speed and the odor-blocking effect. If the toilet and drain hole you bought are really not right, it is best to ask the dealer to change it. If you need to do another toilet drainage, or to move the existing toilet to the position, you must raise the ground so that the horizontal pipe has a slope, which makes the dirt easier to wash away. But try not to move the position of the toilet, otherwise it will easily cause blockage.

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