Wanghumei home 9·6 half price hit

They are the best in building materials brands. They are the trusted brands recommended by Wanghu Shopping Mall. They are the brand of the half-price day of Wanghu on September 6th. They are exquisite, tasteful, beautiful, low-carbon and environmentally friendly. They are domestic household building materials. First-line brand. On September 6th, Guobangmei Home·Wanghu Store was a strong appropriation, half price of the audience. In this promotion, the promotion will benefit a lot of owners, regardless of scale, highlights or promotion. It is a powerful system that shocks the whole city.

Guobang·Wanghumei Home

The person in charge of the Wanghu store introduced that there are 800 domestic and foreign first-line brands participating in this large-scale building materials and home promotion activities. There are domestic first-line brands that are familiar to everyone, such as: Zhibang kitchen cabinets, European kitchen cabinets, Meijia kitchen cabinets, and iconic kitchens. Cabinet, Xibo kitchen cabinet, nature floor, living baroque floor, icon floor, Anxin floor, Jiacheng floor, Guolin floor, Yusen floor LD tile, Marco Polo tile, Nobel tile, Monte Carlo tile, East Peng tiles, Eagle tiles, Xinzhongyuan tiles, Ou Shennuo tiles, Merkaite self-cleaning ceilings, Aopu ceilings, character ceilings, carboplated ceilings, Rongsheng ceilings, good stairs, Roman holidays, etc. After many hardships, many brand dealers got the best price policy from the manufacturers and enjoyed the lowest price system in the country. These products will all be on display at the Wanghu store on September 6. Some dealers said, “In the past two years, The products are not sold at such a favorable price, which is entirely due to the strong subsidies of the Wanghu store and the manufacturer's price policy."

In the rapid growth of the Wanghu store, with marketing as the leader, internal construction and brand communication as the two wings, highlighting refined management, strengthening the implementation of activities, and enriching activities to create a building materials market to enjoy shopping, every day is a happy base camp for shopping festivals. . Like the half-price day event on September 6th, as always, the biggest benefits will be given to consumers. There is no exaggerated star lineup, there is no wholesale market to sip and sell, and all the energy is guaranteed while ensuring product quality and brand height. Human and material resources are all concentrated on how to make customers enjoy the biggest benefits, buy the best products, and experience the best services.

The 9·6 half-price day event will be an unprecedented large-scale event for profit-making concessions, which will set off an industry trend in the home furnishing industry. The Wanghu store will use the most professional spirit, the best products, and the most favorable price to support their consumers and help consumers to complete their dream of loving their home.

The article was reported by the Suzhou Furniture Editor, sourced from the Internet.

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