Water-based paint construction instructions How to apply water-based paint correctly

In recent years, water-based paint has become the main force for decoration coatings because of its more environmentally friendly components. The biggest advantage of water-based paints compared to solvent-based paints is the greatly reduced VOC emissions. The water-based paint has the advantages of less environmental pollution, high leveling property, good appearance and the like compared to the solvent-based paint, but the relative water-based paint has high construction requirements. Here, Asian vibration furniture will give everyone water-based paint construction instructions , tell you how water-based paint is applied correctly and avoid misunderstandings when it is used.


1. Use a clean water to adjust the viscosity of the coating to a suitable spray viscosity. Measured with a Tu-4 viscometer. The appropriate viscosity is generally 20 to 30 seconds. If there is no viscometer, you can use the visual inspection method: stir the paint with a rod (iron rod or wood rod) and stir it up to a height of 20 cm to stop it. If the paint is not in a short time (several seconds) Too thick; such as a break from the bucket on the edge of the line is too thin; to just stop at 20 cm high, the paint into a straight line, the instantaneous drop off into a drop, the viscosity is more appropriate.

2, the air pressure is best controlled at 0.3-0.4 MPa (3-4 kg force / square centimeter). If the pressure is too low, the atomization of the lacquer solution will be poor, and the surface will form pits; if the pressure is too large, the dripping will be easy, and the paint mist will be too large, which will waste the material and affect the operator's health.

3, the distance between the nozzle and the object surface is generally 300-400 mm. Nearly easy to hang; over uneven paint spray, prone to pitting, and the nozzle away from the object paint mist sprayed on the way to cause waste. The specific size of the distance should be appropriately adjusted according to the type, viscosity, and pressure of the paint. Slow-drying paint spraying distance can be farther, quick-drying paint spraying, the distance can be a little closer; thick viscosity can be near a little, when the viscosity is thin, it can be farther; when the air pressure is big, the distance can be farther, the pressure can be a little nearer; Closer to the farther point is the adjustment of a small range between 10 mm and 50 mm. Above this range, it is difficult to obtain a desired film.

4, spray gun can be left and right, up and down, it is best to run at a speed of 10-12 meters / minute, the nozzle should be straight to the surface spray, to reduce the oblique spraying. When spraying on the both ends of the object, the hand that deducts the trigger of the spray gun should be loosened quickly, so that the paint mist is reduced. Because the two ends of the object surface are often subjected to more than two times of spraying, it is the place most likely to cause sagging.


5, spray the next time to suppress the last one 1/3 or 1/4, so that there will be no leakage phenomenon. When spraying quick-drying paint, it should be sprayed in order. Spraying effect is not ideal.

6, when spraying in outdoor open places, pay attention to the wind direction (winds should not work), the operator must stand in the downwind direction, to prevent the paint mist from being blown into the paint film has caused an unsightly granular surface.

7, the order of spraying is: easy to be easy after the first, after the first outside. After the first height and then the low, the first small area after a large area. This will not cause the post-spray paint mist to splash on the sprayed paint film, destroying the sprayed paint film.

Water-based paint construction instructions Did you know about it? Want to know more about home-related knowledge?

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