Wenzhou furniture is in urgent need of clearing the trend to find a breakthrough

On October 19th, Wenzhou Furniture Chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association and Shenzhen Furniture Research and Development Institute jointly held a “reflective” development forum in Wenzhou, focusing on the challenges faced by Wenzhou furniture under the pattern of China’s furniture development. opportunity. The analysis of the industry experts whipped into the scene, causing bursts of applause in the field, more than 400 seats on the scene to be added several times. Shenzhen furniture experts believe that Wenzhou furniture has been smashed for nearly ten years, and it is urgent to break through. Shenzhen furniture peers said unceremoniously that ten years ago, the furniture industry in Wenzhou and Shenzhen was almost at the same level, and Sichuan furniture was just getting started. It used to copy Wenzhou furniture. But now, the annual output value of furniture in Shenzhen is more than 260 billion. At the same time, it is actively exporting the industrial chain, which has influenced the development of China's furniture industry. Sichuan furniture has also risen rapidly in this decade. The output value of a leading enterprise has exceeded that of Wenzhou furniture industry. The sum of the output values. “Unfortunately, in the past ten years, Wenzhou furniture has been almost in place.” Hou Kepeng, executive director of Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association, believes that in the current industrial environment, Wenzhou furniture must recognize the future trend of the industry and find its own position as soon as possible. And force breakthrough. Lin Panwu, executive vice president of Wenzhou Furniture Chamber of Commerce and chairman of Zhejiang Fudebao Furniture Co., Ltd., shares this feeling. He said that this is an era of change, change and change, there is no choice, and the initiative to change can grasp the development opportunities. Otherwise, it is a dead end. Zhejiang Dingfeng Furniture Co., Ltd. carefully built a new brand “Excellent Ushe” a year ago. After the listing, it was a great success. The Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association evaluated the brand as “a high praise in the industry” and Dingfeng became a transformation and upgrading of Wenzhou furniture. A successful sample. He Kexin, chairman of Dingfeng, also actively shared his experience at the venue. He believes that the key to success is to identify product positioning and proceed from its core competitiveness.

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