What are the common accessories for door and window hardware?

What are the common accessories for door and window hardware?

【China Aluminum Industry Network】 Door and Window Hardware Definition: The collective name for various metal and non-metal fittings installed on the doors and windows of buildings. This is a broad definition and is defined as an aluminum alloy door and window accessory in the context of the increasing number of door and window hardware. Then we start with the aluminum alloy door and window accessories, to introduce the next door and window hardware common accessories for everyone!

Hinge: widely used in doors, windows, furniture and other scenes, materials are iron, copper, zinc alloy, stainless steel and so on. Door and window hinges can be roughly divided into aluminum alloy hinges and traditional wooden door 4X3 hinges (also the square hinges we see more often in the printing).

Sliding brace (hinge): It is a replacement product of hinges. It is mainly applied to the high-level aluminum alloy outer hanging window and outer flat open window. It wants to be more stable and reliable for the hinge structure and higher wind resistance.

Handle (handle lock, handle): handle is also popular said that handle, or door handles. In addition to our common form of handle (such as: the door handle inside the house), there are specific calls in the aluminum alloy doors and windows: shift fork handle, square axis handle, seven-word handle and so on. There are differences between these three applications.

Bar lock: unique products in aluminum alloy doors and windows, it should be applied to sliding doors, sliding window. Is a simple and cheap door and window lock solution. And cheap, beautiful appearance.

Crescent lock: It is the same type of product as the bar lock. It is also used for sliding doors and sliding windows. Its cost is lower.

Pulley: Used with a bar lock or crescent lock for sliding doors or sliding windows. Its use to consider aluminum profiles, notches, rails and other factors.

Password lock (fingerprint lock): In recent years, new types of door locks are used in hotels, guest houses, and gradually into the home improvement field, with relevant statistics. In recent years, 60% of lock companies have entered the industry, and it can be imagined that the industry has become a hot spot.

Door closers: Door closers, also known as automatic door closers. There should be a wide range of scenarios, and door closers can be used for almost any question. Previously used for fire doors, more and more consumers now pack it on their own door.

Ground Spring: With the rise of the glass door, the ground spring has followed a fire. In the office building, almost all of the company's front glass doors have its presence.

Door stopper (door touch): It is installed behind the door. After the door is opened, it can be stabilized by the magnetic absorption of the door stopper to prevent the wind from closing automatically.

Door mirror: The common name is the cat's eye. Its function is to look out from the room through the door mirror. It can see all the sights within the 120-degree range of the field of view outside the door, and can not see the interior through the door mirror from outside the door. Anything. If the mirror is mounted on a gate in a public or private apartment, it can play a role in the security and security of the family. It is an essential tool for existing families.

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