What are the models of Hongfeng Plus Forming Silicone and what are they used for?

Addition molding silica gel is environmentally friendly, food grade, safe, non-toxic and tasteless. The viscosity of the rubber before curing is lower, it is easy to infuse, no heat is released during vulcanization, no low molecular by-products are released, shrinkage is small, and deep Vulcanization, easy to operate.

The cured silicone gel becomes a soft, transparent or translucent elastomer that cures for a long period of time at temperatures ranging from -65 to 200 °C. Excellent electrical and chemical stability, water resistance, ozone resistance, radiation resistance, weathering resistance, moisture resistance, shock resistance, good low compression set, low combustion; physiologically inert, non-toxic, odorless, and vulcanized Speed ​​can be controlled with temperature and so on.

Each model of Hongfeng Plus Forming Silicone is: HF-7509 Food Grade Silicone, HF-6508 Human Body Silicone, HF-8509 Coated Silicone, HF-9809 Insole Silicone, HF-3308 Puff Silicone, HF-523 Pad Printing Silicone !

HF-7509 food grade silicone, the main purpose is to use food molds, such as fondant molds, chocolate molds, of course, electronic original encapsulation process or other molds are also useful!

HF-6508 Human body silicone, the main purpose is the penis (injection or injection molding), silicone dolls and other products!

HF-8509 coated silica gel, the main purpose is silicone non-slip cloth, silicone trademark, concave and convex embossing, silicone printing series products!

HF-9809 insole silicone, the main purpose is to use silicone insoles!

HF-3308 Puff silicone, the main purpose is to make a flat puff, high transparent outside the TPU film, Hongfeng in addition to the flat puff silicone also provides a stereo silicone puff, consulting can call Zhou S exclusive: hfdd1993!

HF-523 pad printing silicone, the main purpose is to use as a pad printing head, although there is only one purpose, but the pad printing head does have a wide range of applications that cannot be ignored, such as plastic toys, electroplating products, electronic toys, trademarks, communication equipment. , craft gift stationery; printing of irregular patterns!
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