What are the styles of small cake shop decoration? 3 common decoration styles

In most cases, the decoration style of the small cake shop is to present the design style preferred by the owner. In fact, this design point of view is wrong. The decoration style of the small cake shop must be based on consumers, in line with the needs of the public, and cannot ignore the surrounding areas of the shop. The impact of the environment on design. So what are the styles of small cake shop decoration? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will bring you three kinds of decoration styles common in small cake shops for your reference.

What are the styles of small cake shop decoration?


Small cake shop decoration style 1, modern minimalist style:

For small cake shops in pure living environment, the store decoration should be as simple as possible, the products should be sold outside, the types and prices of the products that consumers pay most attention to, and the small cake shop decoration should be clean, neat and bright. The space division should also be as simple as possible, so that it can be more accommodating customers as the first element. The door and passage of the small cake shop should also be coordinated with the surrounding environment, especially the brightness of the light box and the light can not affect the residents.

Small cake shop decoration style 2, high-end atmosphere style:

The small cake shop in the business district faces the white-collar workers of the company. The product positioning is mainly in the middle and high-end. The decoration design of the small cake shop also needs to give it a warm, comfortable, elegant and generous atmosphere. The frame structure in the store needs to be layered. The space is rich and the light has a distinction between light and dark. The choice of the main color also needs to be calming and relaxing. The design of the door should not be too swaying or abrupt, calm and atmospheric style is more appropriate.


Small cake shop decoration style 3, fashion European style:

The decoration of a small cake shop in a comprehensive environment should be based on the requirements of the owner, the characteristics of the operation, the appearance of the building, the spatial structure of the store, etc., and the personality and style of the cake shop. For example, the names of chain stores are: orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple, etc. The style of decoration is recommended to use European style, and the environment of elegant and gentleman is gradually accepted.

The above is what styles of small cake shop decoration brought to you by Xiaobian? The whole content of the small cake shop decoration style, I believe that after reading this article, you have a basic understanding of the small cake shop decoration style, if you want to know more about decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration knowledge channel.

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