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In the home decoration, the glass door can be used as a partition and other decorative space. In the architectural decoration, the glass door is the first choice of the automatic door. The use of automatic doors not only perfectly enhances the fashion and atmosphere of the entire building, but also forms an effective protection for the interior to a certain extent. The automatic door senses people's proximity and departure through the controller, which facilitates people's travel between opening and closing. The automatic door has already become a necessary way for us to enter and exit some shopping centers and clubs. Below, Xiao Bian took everyone to find out about the automatic door.

Automatic door introduction

An automatic door, as the name suggests, is a door leaf that can be automatically opened and closed. When a person approaches or leaves, the door leaf recognition control system transmits a signal to the control unit, and then the door is opened and closed by the driver, and the door is opened and closed. Process to achieve control of the system.

Automatic door principle

The automatic door principle and the basic composition of the automatic door machine are basically the same, plus the door opening signal, they form a simple automatic door system. The door opening signal of the automatic door is the contact signal, microwave radar and infrared sensor are two commonly used signal sources:

1, microwave radar is a response to the displacement of the object, so the reaction speed is fast, suitable for places where normal walking speeds pass through. It is characterized by the fact that once people near the door do not want to go out and stay still, the radar will stop responding. The automatic door will be closed, which has a certain protective effect on the door machine;

2. The infrared sensor responds to the presence of the object. Regardless of whether the person moves or not, as long as the sensor is within the scanning range of the sensor, it will respond that the contact signal is transmitted.

In addition, the response speed of infrared sensors is slow, which is suitable for places where people with slow movements come and go. Usually, the automatic doors that we are in contact with are the automatic doors controlled by microwave radar signal sources.

Automatic door brand

According to the opening and closing mode of the automatic door, it is divided into a translation automatic door, an arc-shaped automatic door, and an automatic rotation. The common translation automatic door is more common. The automatic door brings convenience to people's travel, and also provides a good warmth, noise prevention, and dustproof effect for the building, and enhances the entire level of the building.

At present, automatic doors can be seen everywhere in life, and have long won the favor of hotels, shopping malls, clubs and other institutions. When selecting the automatic door, it not only needs high quality product quality, but also needs a reliable automatic door brand guarantee. In the following, we will briefly introduce the top ten automatic door brands in China:

1. Rui reach automatic door (Rui reach group was established in 1953, mainly engaged in the development of automatic door system)

2, GMT automatic door (Shanghai Dongfeng Hardware Co., Ltd., Shanghai famous brand products, top ten automatic sensor door brand)

3, Doma automatic door (Doma is an active supplier of global gated technology system, the top ten automatic sensor door brand)

Panasonic Panasonic (China Well-known Trademark, Matsushita Electric (China) Co., Ltd., Top Ten Automatic Door Brands)

5, Menier Automatic Door (Biggari Building Automation System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the top ten automatic sensor door brand)

6, Huayi Rui Chi automatic doors (Beijing Huayi Rui Chi Automatic Door Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1996)

7, Stanley STANLEY (1843, the United States, the famous brand, Shanghai / Shenzhen, the top ten automatic door brand)

8, GEZE GEZE (Gerzer, Germany is the leading hardware automation company in Europe, the top ten automatic door brand)

9. Jiale Fenghua (Beijing Jiale Fenghua Automatic Door Co., Ltd., Top Ten Automatic Door Brands)

10, Ou Nike OWNIC (Ornick is a pioneer in China's automatic door industry)

Nowadays, the opening and closing of automatic doors has achieved motor drive, which has reduced the labor intensity of entry gates and improved the efficiency of travel. The advancement and improvement of science and technology have also led to the adoption of advanced control and safety protection measures for automatic doors, making access more accessible. Safe and reliable.

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