What is the general hotel mural material design and maintenance of hotel murals

The hotel is not only a place for people to rest, but also a public place, so the hotel decoration is also a part that can not be ignored. In order to prevent the walls of the hall from being too monotonous, many hotels choose to use frescoes to decorate the walls. So what kind of materials do hotel murals generally use? Next, Xiaobian tells everyone what hotel murals generally use and the design and maintenance of hotel murals.

I. What materials are generally used for hotel murals ?

1. First of all, I want to introduce you to acrylic paint. This is a water-based blending pigment. It was used in hand-painted frescoes in the last century. Therefore, this material will be chosen for hand-painted murals in general, and acrylic paints do not contain formaldehyde. Volatile, toxic substances that do not cause any harm to human health.

2, then is the oil paint, this kind of material is often used in the painting, it is the pigment powder, the oil and the rubber mixed together, and made after mixing and grinding. The pigment powder of oil paint is made from minerals, animals, and other substances. The materials used are more environmentally friendly. From this point of view, oil paints are also a good choice.

3, the last to recommend with everyone is the environmental protection wall paint, this material is widely used in decoration, and now more well-known paint brands have Nippon and Dulux, etc., these paint brand's environmental protection is we all know. Not only that, these brands are using advanced technology concepts in their production, and they have no harm to their health.

Second, hotel mural design and maintenance

1, the hotel in the design of the mural according to their own style, if the hotel's style is a nostalgic theme, it can design with a retro style mural style, both with a strong Chinese charm, there is no lack of fashion. If the style of the hotel favors a modern fashion style, it is possible to design frescoes of Chinese calligraphy and painting, which are both sleek and modern and can promote Chinese culture. However, if it is a Western style hotel, it is recommended to design oil paintings or abstract paintings.

2. Whichever type of fresco you choose, it must be coordinated with the overall style of the hotel. Some hotels don’t care about the design style of the murals. Looking at the beautiful murals directly on the wall, this will directly affect the hotel. The overall aesthetic level, so do not choose the style of the murals that do not match the style of the hotel.

3, the following to tell you how to maintain the hotel murals , in fact, the maintenance of hotel murals is very simple, especially for diligent people. If there is dust on the mural, you can just remove it with a dry cloth to remove it, but if the mural is stained with too much dust, it is best to pour neutral detergent on the wet towel so that it can be easily Remove the stain.

Xiaobian Summary: These are general hotel mural what material and hotels mural design and maintenance of relevant content, I believe we have an understanding of the hotel murals. In today’s fast-paced era, murals can bring people closer to nature, not only hotels, but many people design frescoes when they are in their home.

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