What kind of mirror mirror size

For most female friends, they are expected to go out in the United States and the United States, so they usually take a picture in front of the mirror, so the mirror is a great invention for women, from the ancient bronze mirror to the present. large full-length mirror, reflects the people's demand for it, then the full-length mirror what kind of it? Let's take a look with Xiao Bian below and hope to help your purchase.

What are the types of mirrors: Fixed wardrobe mirrors

Most of these mirrors are placed on the clothes cabinet board, some of them are attached to the inside of the door, but because the mirror and the back board are at right angles of 90 degrees, they are not very convenient to use, and some are directly embedded in the cabinet. The outside of the door, but the design should pay attention to aesthetics, otherwise it will have the opposite effect.

What are the types of mirrors: push-pull mirrors

The arrangement of such mirrors is relatively complex, but it is a very popular style. It does not occupy the space of the cabinet. Pull it out along the guide rails when needed, then rotate it 90° parallel to the backplane. The operation is simple and convenient. In addition, since the frame and the guide rail are made of aluminum alloy, they look more robust and durable.

What are the types of mirrors: folding mirrors

This style looks very stylish and convenient, but because it is placed inside the cabinet, so the specifications are very easy to limit, of course, for some consumers who prefer a large mirror, this is very practical, open the folding mirror, The mirror area increases and the coverage area is also wider.

How to choose the size of the mirror

Generally speaking, this kind of mirror is divided into half body and whole body. If the pattern of the house permits, try to use a full-length mirror. Because it will be more comprehensive than the half-length mirror to show host instrument problems, and the length of the mirror is also the best. More than half of the height, so that the image appears more beautiful and beautiful.

Which kind of mirror material is good?

This kind of mirror has many materials. Generally speaking, the plastic texture is more resistant to falling and affordable, but the texture is inferior to other materials, and the polymerization board is thick and generous. However, if it is not selected, it can easily cause formaldehyde problems, but the stone is elegant and solemn, but Be very careful when using, so most families favor the material of the solid wood frame, which is not only strong in shaping, but also more beautiful.

Summary: What kind of content on the mirror Xiaobian to explain here, I believe that my friends have a better understanding of the type and size of the mirror, of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, please feel free to consult Xiaobian.

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